Capture video frames from Flickr videos

Quite recently Flickr, one of the worlds largest photo sharing sites, also added support for video files. Even one day after the launch there was a huge number of interesting videos available to view on Flickr site. The videos are mostly home made and have a very different style than mot of what you find on other video sharing sites. Everyone that has a pro account on Flickr can upload and share videos. Users with normal free accounts can still view videos just like everyone can with normal photos.

For a quick view of some of the great new short clips visit this Flickr group. Video on Flickr are displayed using the Flash plug-in in the flash video format. You can not download Flash videos right away. To download videos you need either a browser plug-in or a download manager program. I have tested to download videos from Flickr using the Mozilla Firefox download helper plug-in and it works great.

Start Fast Video Indexer and add the downloaded file to the program. If you have more than one file you can add them all to the list and Fast Video Indexer will process them one after another. Since video files on Flickr are limited to 90 seconds you probably want to change the default video capture settings. Click the settings button to go to the settings page in Fast Video Indexer, from there change the capture start time and the time between captured frames. Close the settings back to return to the main page and click next to begin to capture video frames from the file.


Flickr group with great videos
DownloadHelper for the Mozilla browser
Download fast video indexer to capture video frames from Flickr videos