How to manage your video collection

Video frame capture

Do you use projects with the Fast video indexer software? Most people don’t know what the project feature in Fast video indexer is. Do you use the program to simply extract images from videos and to create video index pictures?

Manage you video files with fast video indexer

What are Fast video indexer projects

Projects in Fast video indexer can also be used to manage and organize you digital video file collection. When you save a project in Fast video indexer you save all current settings in the program, the list of videos to index and the list of indexed videos. When you have indexed pictures in your projects you can go to the results page and you have a preview of all your images.

Where to keep your video-files

I use several different projects to organize my video collection. First of all I store my video files on secondary USB drives. I use one drive for each major collections, I have one drive for all my family videos and one for videos downloaded from the internet. I also keep a few Fast video indexer projects for videos I work on at my main computer. As soon the projects are done I move them to an external drive or future reference.

How to setup projects

On my main computer I keep a folder with project files where I also store the generated index pictures and extracted video frames. I have my projects setup to generate ipl files and to extract images and each project store these files in one sub folder for images and one for ipl files. When I add more video files to my computer I copy the video files to the video file folder on the secondary drive and then add the new files to the project and index the new videos. When I update the index I also take the time to generate a new project html page.

How do you use ipl files

You can use Fast video indexer to browse your video collection. Since I keep all my indexes on my main computer I can browse through all my videos even though I don’t have all my secondary drives with video files connected. But browsing video collections is really not the main purpose of Fast video indexer. I always generate a HTML report for each project, the project give me a quick overview of all videos in the collection. For work projects with videos stored on DVDs they are great to print and keep with the DVD. When I want to take a closer look at a video I use the Inzomia image viewer and the generated ipl file. By using Fast video indexer I can easily step trough the captured video frames and the program will adjust the size of each frame to the same window size, and the Inzomia Image viewer is really fast.


Projects in Fast video indexer can be used to bring order to your digital video collection. Fast video indexer together with html reports and Inzomia image viewer is a very powerful solution for managing and keeping track of you digital video files.


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