Movie scroller javascript code


<script src="movie_scroller.js" language="javascript"></script>


pos_x = 0; // upper left x pos of the scroller in pixels
pos_y = 0; // upper left y pos of the scroller in pixels
image_width = 320; // width of each video frame
image_height = 240; // height of each video frame
images = new Array("frames/0.png", "frames/1.jpg", "frames/2.jpg", "frames/3.jpg", "frames/4.jpg",
"frames/5.jpg", "frames/6.jpg", "frames/7.jpg", "frames/8.jpg", "frames/9.jpg",
"frames/10.jpg", "frames/11.jpg", "frames/12.jpg", "frames/13.jpg",
"frames/14.jpg", "frames/15.jpg"); // video frame images

movie_scroller = new MovieScroller(pos_x, pos_y, image_width, image_height, images);


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