How to create a movie slideshow

Fast video indexer is a program that makes it easy to capture video frames from movies and to generate html pages to present the captured frames. I will show you how you can quite easy create an html slideshow from a video file. Presenting a web video this way is great since it does not take more screen space than an image. No web video plug-in is required so the page will load much faster than a page that first has to load a plugin and then start to stream a video files, especially if you have more than one video on a page.

With version 1.10 of Fast video indexer I added a few new templates to the program. The slideshow template is one of the newly added templates. The slideshow template use javascript code to loads the captured video frames one after another. To follow this short tutorial you will need to download at least the 1.10 version of the Fast video indexer program.

Start Fast video indexer and add a video files you want to create a slideshow from into the program.

Click the settings button to open the settings page. Make sure that “extract images to” and “Generate web page to” is checked but not the rest. Also change save the images and html to a new folder like “c:\slideshow”. Change the active template by clicking next, you find the template selection below “Generate web page to”, change it to “slideshow”.

Close the settings page to get back to the main page. Click next to start video frame capture and wait a few seconds for the program to complete. When completed click next to go to the results page. On the results page click the movie to get the list of frames and right click to remove frames you do not want in the slideshow.

When you are satisfied you have your slideshow in the folder you specified ready to be used on your web page. If you want each video frames displayed for a shorter or longer time you can change the line

var frame_time = 1000;

1000 is how many milliseconds, ie one second, the image should be displayed before the next one is loaded. A higher number will show each video frame for a longer time.

If you want to use the generated preview the easiest way is perhaps to link with an iframe tag from your page:

src ="slideshow.htm"

That way you can easily change the slideshow without having to do anything with the rest of your page.


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Example of hosting the movie slideshow in an iframe

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