Video editing software

Need to edit videos? There are way too many video editing packages available to mention them all. Here are two great choices for different budgets.

The most known commercial video editing software is probably Adobe premiere. Abode Premiere is available in a pro version and a consumer version called elements. With Adobe Permiere you can capture video from just about any video capture card or digital video camera. The programs main strength is video editing and authoring professional video but you can also use it for adding effects. With premiere you can author to anything from mobile devices to blu-ray discs, just make sure you have plenty of free space on your harddrive to try that. A trial version can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

If you are on a small budget there is no lack of available free video editing alternatives. Avidemux for example is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Avidemux has a simple user interface that let you edit videos from most major formats and encode them in most video formats. The program can also be used convert between video formats, transcoding, and joining smaller video clips into larger videos. The program has a great user support community with some really good guides and tutorials. This guide for example shows you how to use avidemux together with other free utilities to edit, create and burn your own DVD.

If you are an advanced user you can take a look at AviSynth. The program has no user interface instead, you edit videos by programming scripts. If you are not used to programming I would not recommend it. If you are it is a very powerful system even though the learning curve might be a bit steep. Using scripts is very powerful and time efficient if you are doing the same thing many times with different files. For example converting a tv show on your computer and authoring it for DVD or putting a webcast on the internet. AviSynth is also free software.

When you have edited you video file use the Fast video indexer program to capture video frames and create a video web page overview to keep track of your video. Make sure you use the highest quality version of the video you have to get the best result possible.

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