VP8 Tools for WebM

Google wrapped up Vorbis and VP8 into WebM and is offering it as open source to help drive a fully open standard for media online including video. Nearly everyone and their brother have jumped on board and so it’s time to start looking at how to begin implementing it as it could be the next best thing. The tools are still in the proverbial Stone Age as it’s just been announced recently and you’ll need some tech savvies to get going. Here are the five list of free VP8 webM tools support that I found.
First is the FFMPEG,a complete cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. These are some hardcore FFmpeg users out there who will be thankful that there are already patches that can be applied to incorporate VP8 and WebM support.
Second is the WebM Vp8 SDK. There’s also an SDK, Software Developer’s Kit, available and if you’re one of those code monkeys in the audience that has a transcending application, you can use it to get your VP8 and WebM support.
Third is the WebM/VP8 DirectShow Filters. For those on Windows, you haven’t been left behind. DirectShow filters are available to get you up and running on WebM and VP8 which means that even Windows Media Player will be able to play WebM videos and video editors that use DirectShow will be able to encode (provided they have encoding features).
Fourth is the Xiph. Now you’re also going to need Vorbis installed so that you can have sound in your WebM/VP8 videos.  Luckily, there are already filters available from Xiph. Install the Vorbis packages and you’ll be good to go.
Fifth is the Miro Video Converter,is powerful video software that supports conversion of many video formats. If you’re more of an end-user and less of a power-user then you’ll want something are more simply. In that realm there’s the Miro Video Converter which already is able to encode video in VP8 and WebM.
Using any of them means you’re all set as they’ve all got VP8 capabilities.

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