Fast video indexer 1.21

Today I will upload the 1.21 version of Fast video indexer.  I have been playing around a bit with the template function in the program. This is an extremely powerful feature that you really should try if you haven’t. It’s not that hard to change the current templates to generate web pages that blends perfectly into your web site.

I have made one small change in 1.21 that will make it much easier to creating html  templates.  Before only the data folder was copied and not folders in the data folder. In 1.21 the folder structure is kept. This makes it much easier to keep a good structure to more advanced templates ie you can have one folder for images, one for stylesheets and one for scripts.

If you are a current owner of fast video indexer you can expect an email soon with a link to a new really cool html template. I hope to be able to send it sometime this week.


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