List of Video Hosting Sites you could visit!

Video Hosting sites are websites that; stream videos — watching it for free or paid subscription, watch and subscribe to, upload your videos and share it to other websites.

Adding videos on your site and blogs are just quite easy these days. You can easily upload your media, put links and quickly share them with your viewers and subscribers. Make your own personal videos, make trailers and even upload your own VLOG. With video hosting providers, you can embed you videos and quickly share it to social networks and blogs.

You can see below the list of notable providers that are available and you can check it all out. I have excluded some video hosting sites due to some privacy and parental supervision — meanin’ MATURE CONTENT! 


Courtesy of Wikipedia; these are all the videos that are worth knowing provided by wikipedia. Want to know more about videos and codecs check out my other blogs and give me some feedback. Fast Video Indexer blog, and also I’m going to be back at this topic and give you some review about this list and give you some insight on these sites.

Thanks and Cheers!

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