Restoring Old Home Videos – Making Slideshows

Restoring Old Home Videos

It started out as cleaning the garage and decided to put up a garage sale for freeing up some space, then stumbled an old home video hiding in a box of old video tapes for years. Then ask yourself, why not remake the videos and start an archiving all of it.


Yes, may it be your grandparents wedding, childhood videos, special occasions that you don’t see every day. It’s nice to see them time to time. If you have those reel-film projectors still working you can watch them. How about the other’s? VCR, Betamax or VHS videos. There are some players still available that can play all of them, look for old electronic shops. These formats are a bit outdated these days, so it’s very hard to look for them. If you want to preserve it that bad, you need a video software to somehow convert it into digital formats. You can check some info’s about it here.

Well, there are a lot of video software’s out there that can preserve that kind of videos, and still restore its lost quality. You’ll have to go under time consuming methods just to convert them. Why bother, because you can easily hand them to professional editors and companies that offer these types of services.  I know it’s a little off spending money on those memory bits, but it’s kind of worth it especially if you have someone worth remembering. Old video tapes and pictures are the only things that we can commemorate in the past; we remember the things that are usually not living anymore because of their contribution to our lives and to society as well. We relive our past experiences, and we learn from them. We learned the ways of our fore fathers by the books, scripts and documentaries that they made. All of them are the best examples why cherish the things that are sentimental to us.

Another way of preserving videos is by making slideshows about it; to make another story about it. You can add newly taken pictures, clips and add a lot transitions. Add a story of how things are and how happy it was having it –show you care, share it with your family, they will certainly enjoy it.

Although you have already set this in mind, you need some kind of software to capture the videos and convert them to good quality pictures. Well, with amazing software’s available out there it’s very easy, with a friendly user interface you could just point and click at the videos and you’re all done.

You can check this software out.

The Fast Video Indexer for more info on how you can take screenshots and capturing each frame on videos much easier.

Now, sit back and watch the smiles of your grandparents and loved ones. Watching those slideshows are worth a lifetime of happiness, Isn’t it.


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