Augmented Reality 101

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, a.k.a. AR  is a term used for any progressive rather modern IT today. It is gaining popularity nowadays, using the advent of cellular phone systems such as Android os and Smart Phones. Along with services like for example Google Maps. Augmented reality is becoming useful and a convenient tool, especially in real time straming videos. They are still on the developing process of creating them, but it is coming to a future near you.

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Augmented Reality101

Augmented means, to strengthen, reinforce; to augment, increase. Augmented is usually used in music as note, augemented chords, augmented pitch. Well, in videos it has a different norm, the process of which they do to augment videos is putting another layer of video on top of another video or data. For example, a video is placed on top and you are somehow interacting to it. This data may be used for entertainment or informational purposes. It’s also used to promote. In today’s innovative technology, it is used in interactive games and News Centers, like the ones you see on the news where a TV screen just pops out of nowhere, and somehow interacting with the speaker.


GPS Information and Video Manipulation

Many modern cell phones are able to access their location information via GPS. This gives a mobile phone user to watch her location on a map utilizing a service for instance Google Maps. This too allows augmented reality software to better know what details are more relevant to a cellular phone user. In the case of a video, the user uses a software, the data or video is then altered to a more 3D reality interface.

Visual Reality Recognition

Another feature from augmented reality software programs are; visual recognition of objects, including architecture, faces, colors, and unique identification of an item to differentiate it with. Combined with real time GPS memory or shall we say it on the real world as the “internet”, augmented reality softwares can identify reality in a live video stream. This allows augmented reality software to come up with a layer of data with regards to a building how the camera of an cellphone is pointing at.


Real Time Application Software

Augmented reality has many possibilities and applications. An energetic video stream of your city could be completely layered with data about architecture, mapping information, recommended dining, transportation plus much more. With the help of internet based smart phones using 3G or 4G communication, the reality is can now be captured and handled in a virtual manner. Google maps and other real time video interactive softwares can help you give a guide to what the places you are visiting.


Real Time Entertainment

Augmented reality may also be used for entertainment purposes. One of them could be the integration of animated 3D objects inside a live video stream. A good example can be gaming devices, software gaming companies are developing new ways to reach the virtual reality on reality. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Well, as long as the companies are still developing there is no real definite explanation yet.

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We all have dreamed in our sleep. Augmented Reality is just like a dream, but with lots of added features. If it goes well, we can create and produce or own dreams in a semi-reality world. Imagine creating a life like world were your kids can play, learn, and create ideas from their own thoughts. The technology exist today, but the question is when are we going to experience its full release.

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