CES 2012: The 55” Samsung’s OLED TV

55” Samsung’s OLED TV

The Samsung Super OLED television, reported as the Very best of Innovations Award Honoree at 2012 CES, is going to be on exhibit with the 2012 International CES. It will be offered commercially throughout the world this year. Samsung’s Super OLED TV represents the end result of Samsung’s newest engineering technologies, and represents a new era of humble design.

Its capabilities are unparalleled excellent and true-to-life picture top quality in each 2D and 3D, in addition to substantially enhanced color accuracy and reliability when compared to traditional LED TVs. Given that light output within the Super OLED is operated on a pixel-to-pixel framework, often the truest blacks and purest whites might be reached.

The look from the Samsung Super OLED is definitely an engineering accomplishment which supplies a brand new amazing kind of factor which blends into any sort of surroundings. The Super OLED was acknowledged according to the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) for its flawless style.


Image from endgadget.com

Super OLED technologies minimizes the need for a coloration filter because the OLED pixel unit comprises self-emitting RGB sub-pixels produced immediately around the screen panel, each and every diode giving off its own luminescence. The technologies is additionally in a position to distinguish different levels of blacks and shadows, to ensure consumers will be able to appreciate unrivaled depth even within the darkest of scenes for the final TV experience. Additionally, the Samsung Super OLED features much quicker reaction moments compared to LED, virtually removing motion blur even for the fastest-moving conditions Because Super OLED advancement attributes self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which in turn do not require a backlight, the TV is significantly less in comparison to a standard LED television. Whenever powered on, a vivid, radiant graphic illuminates the television screen from side to border. Whenever switched off, the television looks like a framed piece of an high-class suspended crystal glass; when hung within a wall, it is far more closely appears to be more like an excellent art piece than an digital device.

The Samsung Super OLED TV is equipped with Samsung’s new dual core chip, that allows viewers to carry out an array of applications in unison for a much quicker, uninterrupted understanding, in addition to a better web searching experience. The Super OLED television also provides the most recent enhancements to Smart Hub, Samsung’s integrated option designed for use of a variety of information from just a single display screen. The actual interface is kept up to date for more convenient navigation and faster performance. Using a innovative tabbed online browser, users can effortlessly launch a number of website pages simultaneously for an enhanced internet experience. The Super OLED’s built-in camera determines movements active in the front which will allow intuitive control, as well as two unidirectional array microphones that identifies voice in an incredibly accurate rate. Noise cancellation technology assists to break down any ambient sound in the users’ commands.

Shoppers could use Samsung’s new Intelligent Interaction technological advances to easily handle their television adventure. By using speech control, motion controlled and face detection attributes to assist you to harmonize with the remote device, users may immediately turn the TV on or off, regulate the volume to its maximum or activate the selected app’s by way of voice recognition. They could also take advantage of their voice to allow them to turn on the search function through the internet browser and command the TV what they happen to be searching for. Samsung’s AllShare Play offers a new easy option for users to discover, manage and quickly share content via cloud storage and connect with that information on supported smart phones, pc tablets, video cameras, pc’s or HDTV, regardless of their geographic location may be.

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