How to Download Video Files and Convert it to any Format.

Download Video Files and Convert it to any Format.

Do you want to grab a video on YouTube or in any other sites?

You could put it in your mp4 players, zune, ipod, or any other media softwares that could play your video. You could also download High-Definition videos from any site. Here’s a cool software that has helped me a lot, all you need is this two softwares and you’re done.

The problem in downloading YouTube videos or any other hosting sites  is that you can only download it in FLV or SWF format. FLV formats are flash formats that are embeded through websites.

Flash Video is a file format used to deliver video over the Internet using Adobe Flash Player versions 6–10. Flash Video content can also be embedded within SWF files. There are two different video file formats known as Flash Video: FLV and F4V. The audio and video data within FLV files are encoded in the same way as they are within SWF files.

Enough about that, let’s go on with the tutorial shall we

First: Download –  Orbit Downloader

Second: Download – Any Video Converter 

These are two awesome software’s that helped me grabbed videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Any Video Converter has a download feature, but it has only limited download speed not fast enough as Orbit does. If you’re internet is reliable enough you can set AVC to download then convert, a good way to convert batched files. While, Orbit uses a P2P (peer to peer) multi-source downloading technology similar to the ones used in torrents. More Efficient mirrors selection algorithm and faster download sources which allows you to download files up to 500% faster than before. The best thing about these two products are that they are absolutely FREE!.

Here are the steps:

Orbit Downloader

Installing Orbit Downloader. Orbit is easy to install, just follow the steps and you’re done.

Setting up the software.

Note: If it asked to install the grabber plug-in or extension for Firefox, check it and then proceed. We will use that later-on.

Orbit screenshot.

Click on (1)Preferences and (2)Accelerate, check all the boxes and you’re done. All the configurations are straightforward, if you have to change them and you know what you are doing then feel free to modify, if not then check their website for more info at the link above.

Any Video Converter(AVC)

Same as orbit, follow through the installation and finish installing.

Any Video Converter

As I said earlier AVC also has a download feature, you can put all the links at the url bar, and there you can download the video, best perks for youtube. The problem with this feature is if the link in your browser doesn’t work, then you really have a hard time finding it. Some links to video’s are hidden so it cannot be grabbed and require a more sophisticated method. So that’s where Orbit Downloader comes in. I will show you how to download a video from other sites other than YouTube, but first lets start from youtube.

There are three methods in grabbing a video on Orbit.

First method is what I call, Click and Capture!.

Screenshot hunt for gollum The GET IT! Button. When you visit YouTube or any other videos from the web, and you enabled the GET IT! Button, you can just hover your mouse(or click the screen) it will pop-up the button and then download. Click the Button; if you see the file is FLV or SWF then it’s the video link, if not then its another file from the site. Orbit is not limitted to capturing videos but it can also grab some pages from sites.

Here is a Free movie from YouTube that I’m downloading, The Hunt for Gollum. Yes, you guessed it, I’ts from LOTR(Lord of the Rings), awesome movie. A sequel or prequel, well (I don’t know, not really much of a fan) I love the movie by the way. Let’s go on.

Second Method:

Using Grab++ from Orbit. BUFFER IT!

Now, this a very helpful feature coming from orbit. If the method from above isn’t working for other sites (excluding youtube), then Grab++ is the way to go. Turn-on Grab++ from orbit, as you see here.  After it is Turned on, go to the site that you wan’t to grab and wait for grab++ to find it click the FLV file and you’re done. If the link is still not there try reloading the site, because you have to buffer the video in order to grab the video.


Third Method:

Snatch and GRAB! It’s a very simple method of copying the url or link on your browser and paste it to the downloader, either on AVC or Orbit which ever you choose best and you’re done.

Note: Take caution on where your downloaded files are going, make sure you set the output folder for either of the two, so you wouldn’t look for it in the first place.

Now, I have showed you the methods in downloading media files. You could also use these methods in other video hosting sites.


I am not liable for anything you download in the internet, due to copyrights. This tutorial only serves as an educational niche to help people find a way to invent themselves, and to what they might use it for is not our intention. Please be considerate and buy products that you think are worth it, they too had a hard time developing it to help you. Also, search through your generous heart,  as to donate to free software’s like these two. Thank you very much, and now

It’s time for converting your media files into any format you want. I have split this blogs into two because of some issues that I have to come up with, so it’s the only thing I would consider so Please Continue Reading

Video Files and Convert it to any Format



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