Converting Old movie Films to Digital Formats

Old movie Films to Digital Formats

There are several ways where you can convert your old video tapes like VHS, Betamax, Negatives, Film reel, etc to most digital formats. Some methods are easy and affordable while some are not. Let’s proceed into some methods that I have gathered throughout the web.

Recording your Old Video tape through a Digital camcorder..

I have used this method several times and it turns out quite well, the image is quite the same and no quality is degraded (well, it depends on the camcorder you are using and the medium that you use). The only thing you need is an efficient camcorder that you could use and a tripod or something to hold it steady while filming. You must have an Old VHS player, or projector that would be compatible to your Old video tapes and position the camcorder or better yet the HD camcorder, let it film the whole thing and you’re done. While filming you must have an ideal room, a place where it can never be bothered, so it cannot capture any outside noise especially if you have children running around the house.

Here are some setbacks about this method; it captures some outside noise, quality of the Old video tape is sometimes dull so the film will be slowed, an issue about the framerate of the camcorder is not snyc to the video tape so there will be some lags (depends on the camcorder). Also, you can never interrupt it while its filming; where in some cases you forgot to charge the camcorder or the memory is low, so better check the camcorder and plug it in a reliable source while you’re at it.


You can look for Software’s available online..

This method is always available assuming that you have an internet and a decent laptop to convert the video tapes.  Also, that you have already saved the videos in other video formats like mp4, mpeg or avi. Google is your friend for this one; they are many video editor products out there that are fast and reliable, the only setback is choosing the right one.  Some software products offer a free trial, but you can’t really get much out of it because of restrictions like it can only convert a 20mb file or you can only use it for 3 times. I’m not saying that you can’t find some software that is offered free, all I can say about it is if your happy about the outcome then stick with it (it’s free so don’t expect much). Try searching through there are a lot of sharewares and free software’s that are available fully.  If you really want to convert it to high quality formats like 320dpi, 720dpi and upload it to Youtube or post it on a blog, then prepare to spend some credits for it.


Look for shops and companies that provide services to convert them..

This process is very ideal if you really want to restore some damaged films. Many video companies offer quality services for your old tapes. They can process it for scanning, conversion, restoration, tampered clips, editing and many more. Although, they charge a little bit higher than what you expect it would be; they charge you for how many meters of film they will convert, negative qualities for restoration and its quantity, types of format and much more, they also include some promos for it. The fact that they are reluctant to quote prices indicates it’s not cheap. In such cases that you are having trouble choosing the right company and there are no available local companies that you’d like, you can send it through mail to other facilities that offers the one you like. Scan the company and check for their background; be also wise enough to expense some pretty hard cash on that, sending hard mail abroad isn’t cheap.


Lastly, look for Professional help about Old movie tapes..

Seeking help from professionals is one of best ways that can help you the most. They already have the expertise, and the know-how/skills to tamper with them. Professional services are rather cheap compared to other providers, but some are only limited to consultation and assistance. You can look for them at video shops, video companies like the ones above and online. They are millions out there; you could check for forums and discussions about these topics, you would actually encounter users who share the same problem and you can help each other out. The internet is our friend, so use it with great discretion and surf wisely.

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These methods are open for discussion and comments so feel free to post and share ideas on how to handle

Old Homemade Video Tapes




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