The Top 10 Companies to Expect for the 2012 CES

Starting Jan. 10 and lasting right up until Jan. 13, the 2012 Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas will officially start the season in technology, and present the world a sneak peek on the must-have innovations coming out this new year.

With such a lot of marketers and manufacturers in one location, there won’t be any shortage of gadget releases and sneak peeks, then again there are a few trends designed more likely to be put into practice. Most of the instruments revealed will be a several months far from widespread sale and distribution. This is by means of model/Brand, however, mainly because companies like Sony, Canon and LG utilize the yearly CES for getting most people anxious about brand new units and next-generation technology.

Having to guess which products are for certain and which items are on the trends, it might be easy but, it isn’t necessarily simple to just assume. The year of 2010, the Three-dimensional HDTV took over the show, and only two years afterward, consumers are not necessarily buying any of them. This current year, one of the leading advancements Microsoft’s planned exit on the showcase. They may have declared they’re not going to appear next year. Having said that Microsoft is getting a year off or no go at all, or just to surprise us for next year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase you will never know for certain.


Expected/ Rumored and Anticipated Top Competitors for the Media Devices Category

  • LG Electronics– a Korean based company on several Electronics innovations; they will surely surprise us as they will showcase their new 84-Inch 3D TV with 4K Resolution. The design includes a 84-inch 3D LCD show with 4K resolution (three,840×2,160 pixels).To place issues into viewpoint: 4K resolution, which LG calls “Ultra Definition”, is 4 occasions the resolution of complete High definition. Other points are tight at this time, nonetheless LG guarantees “slim and lean bezel style and design”, controllable 3D image results, and 3D audio zooming capability.
  • Samsung Electronics America – With their latest release from the last season the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, They are surely one of the top leading for Innovative Smart phones and  Tablet-PC’s to watch out for and a Rumored release of another Galaxy S3.
  • Sony Electronics Inc. – Sony Electronics have been going steady lately with releases every season; DSLR Camera’s, to 3D Camcorders, Small sleek designed cameras with High definition capabilities, and who would ever forget there TV’s. The Sony Bravia, one of the leading LED TV’s in the world. There is much more to them than meets the camera.
  • Sharp Electronics Corp. – Sharp was present at CES 2011 together with latest product lines of audio/video products, also with a new e-media tablet computer along with cloud-based e-bookstore services known as GALAPAGOS. It was an extremely exciting time for Sharp. Sighted on providing good quality goods that underscore there crucial capabilities in LCD, in energy-saving and energy-creating merchandise. At CES, they we’re launching a brand new display dimension course, 70-inches, their ideal big monitor Television at that period. They were also highlighting big display screen 3D and 2D Sharp AQUOS Quattron High Definition TVs, in display dimension courses from 60- to 40-inches, that delivers first-class and immersive visualizing activities. Last but not least, they were representing a fresh e-media tablet and also an e-bookstore that could support numerous areas of consumers’ electronic life styles.”
  • Microsoft Corporation – Consumers are now waiting for their latest release and anticipated Windows 8, much more to that they have showcased a latest preview of the future using the latest possible trends for gadgets like luminous/transparent tablets, ultra-thin laptops, ultra-books and more. Microsoft as one of the top leading contributors on Operating Systems, have acknowledge that this will be their last year for the CES.
  • Intel Corporation – Throughout the entire show, Intel will show off their 2nd gen Intel Core processor-powered Ultrabook products as well as several Intel Atom processor-based Intelligent Systems. A variety of additional Intel-powered devices from top suppliers may also be shown.
  • Dolby laboratories – Dolby innovates enrich entertainment for movies, media devices, or on the go media accessoriesTurtle Beach, industry major innovators of the video gaming headset category, introduced their one of a kind type of new services being presented in the International Consumer Electronics Show this year. Innovative technologies being released during these gadgets cover anything from new interference-reducing dual-band 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi RF wireless tech, customizable Dolby Multichannel speaker angles plus a new line of mobile lifestyle headsets designed for gamers in and out.
  • Panasonic – Panasonic is considering showing off several fresh plasma HDTVs, half a dozen brand new LED LCDs and 5 new normal Liquid crystal display HDTVs. No facts are being released on the names of the products that they are releasing.
  • Cannon USA Inc. – There has been a lot of rumors on cannon lately, sadly none of them are official. Cannon is one of the biggest DSLR Camera and Compact Camera manufacturers, they have the most unique designs for compact cameras and features that surprises almost most of us. Cannon will be releasing a new type of camera, but no word from them officially when it is going to be featured or maybe showcased on the CES 2012.
  • Nikon Inc. – Nikkon on the other hand is slowly making pace as they have presented several advancements in technology. Nikon has showcased its D4 professional DSLR camera which is “the ultimate in usefulness and features”. The digital camera will also be demonstrated on the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012.

    Since the new primary type in Nikon’s lineup of DSLR cameras, D4 is designed for news media, activities, together with action professional photographers and offers powerful traits. Predictably, the current D3s could possibly be exchanged for the purpose of activities and action digital photography, whereas D3x may keep on being since the high-resolution option for studio shooters.


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