How to Know if it’s a Bootable Disc – ISO Format?

The ISO format is file format that describes folders structure commonly used on CDs and DVDs. This technique organizes the info files which are around the disc. On the ISO file are also files that is compressed to be readily available for burning on CDs and DVDs. ISO files, otherwise known as “disc image” or “drive image” files, have the file extension .ISO.

Usually you could tell if its an ISO format, if it the file has an .ISO extension. If you don’t know it is a an ISO format, try installing one of the ISO burners below, it will then make the file default for you.


Format Role

Optical discs which are created with the ISO format enjoy compatibility. Having the ability to be played on media players, and browse in computers running Microsoft Windows, on Apple MAC computers, and in standard CD audio and DVD video players. Also, the ISO format is frequently used to download software in your computer via the Internet. These files are utilized to burn a CD or DVD which is “bootable,” and so can run software that’s in addition to the computer’s operating system. That is common for computer diagnostic software.


Burning an ISO Disc

Disc burning software program is available on common media players like Windows Media Players and others. It specifically handles the burning of the CD or DVD from an ISO file. Microsoft Windows 7 has this feature built in. If you are using a standard CD/DVD burner of burning an ISO file disc, you could possibly end up getting a disc which contains a duplicate with the ISO file, which isn’t what you would like. While using the correct burner option, the ISO file will “unpack” most of its files and make them suitable for the disc. Producing a “bootable” disc or a media disc via Microsoft Windows Media Player can burn an ISO file disc by inserting a blank disc into your optical drive, right click the ISO file and choose the “Burn Disc Image” option.


The Newest Format

The ISO format includes a newer competitor, the UDF, or Live Filing system. Unlike ISO-structured discs which once burned cannot have their data changed or put into, the Live File System allows you to use a blank CD or DVD when you would a tough drive or thumb drive. Files might be put into or renamed at a later time. Microsoft Windows 7  Media Player is capable of creating these “multisession” discs.

The UDF, or a.k.a Universal Disk Format –  is an implementation of the specification known as ISO/IEC 13346 and ECMA-167 and is an open vendor-neutral file system for computer data storage for a broad range of media. In practice, it has been most widely used for DVDs and newer optical disc formats, supplanting ISO 9660. Due to its design, it is very well suited for incremental updates on both recordable or (re)writable optical media. UDF is developed and maintained by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA). Via


Other Softwares you could use are,

Power ISO

Daemon Tools

CyberLink Power DVD 9 and Up


and others players that have ISO burners like;

VLC and Windows Media Player 10 although that I have mentioned WMP already.



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