Tutorial: Converting H264 to VOB File Formats

November 14, 2011

Videos encoded in using H.264 standards usually have either the MP4 or M4V file extension, and so, they are often employed for video podcasts. Also designed for videos  Mobile  devices and Smart phones. If you wish to produce a DVD of your H.264 videos and play the disc in a very regular DVD player, you can convert the files to the VOB format, and that is the regular format for DVD video. Various programs let you convert H.264 videos for the VOB format, nevertheless , you can also work with an online video conversion service too.

There are three easy ways you can easily convert your files to VOB:


Step 1

Make use of your Web browser to visit the ConvertFiles.com website. ConvertFiles.com is often a free video conversion website that supports many formats and may not suitable for huge videos or a user with a slow Connection to the internet.


Step 2

Click on the “Browse” button close to “Go with a Local File” so select your H.264 video file. Click “Open.” Click the “Output Format” drop-down list and select “Video Object File (.VOB).”

Step 3

Click “Convert” to transform your video. You will see the uploading status on a progress bar below the button. Click on the video download link that appears with a new page after the conversions completes.


Emicsoft VOB Converter

VOB converter

Step 1

Choose either the full version or download the trial version of Emicsoft VOB Converter from the Emicsoft website. The trial version only lets you convert half of data under five minutes long or five minutes of your file longer than five minutes long.

Step 2

Open the program and click “Add File” close to the the top window. Select your H.264 file and press “Enter” to include it towards the report on files to get converted. You may add multiple files as appropriate.

Step 3

Click the “Browse” button near the bottom from the window to decide on a spot in order to save the converted file. Click the large round icon within the lower right corner of the window to convert your H.264 file to VOB. Click “OK” following the process completes.


OJOsoft Total Video Converter

Step 1

Download the trial offer or purchase OJOsoft Total Video Converter in the OJOsoft website.

 Step 2

Launch OJOsoft Total Video Converter. Click “Browse” beside “Input File Name,” locate your H.264 file and click “Open.”

 Step 3

Click the “To VOB” button about the program’s toolbar. Click the “VOB Profile” drop-down list and select a good level and format. You can select NTSC or PAL because format, with NTSC being the standard format for videos you want to play in DVD players in the us. You are able to select long play, standard or superiority as the video quality level. Superiority videos can have the biggest quality and long play can have the tiniest size.

Step 4

Click “Browse” next to “Output File Name” if you want to purchase a different location and good name for the converted file. Click “Convert” to convert your file to VOB.


These are some of the easiest methods that you can convert your videos to VOB file formats. There are so many Video Converters, A software for video professionals, and a software for basic home video converting.

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