Video capture the smart way.

Easy to use

Fast video indexer is really easy to use! simply select videos to index and click next. Help screens will guide you all the way.

Codec help

Fast video indexer will try to help you if your computer is missing a codec.

JPEG image indexes

Fast video indexer creates index images with all captured frames from a video.

HTML indexes

Fast video indexer creates html web pages ready to be uploaded to your site.

Batch processing

Fast video indexer can be batched. Select a number of videos to be processed. When one is completed the next will start automatically, simple leave the program to do its work.


Fast video indexer is project based this gives you fast access to previously generated indexes and your custom settings.

XML indexes

Fast video indexer generates XML indexes called image playlists. Image playlists are recognized by the Inzomia image viewer.

Xslt templates

HTML and Image indexes can be altered through xslt templates to fit the style and need of your website.

Skip the intro

Videos often have intro screens and credit text, you can select how many seconds to skip before starting capture and how many seconds to ignore at the end.

Remove bad frames

After frames have been captured from a video you can go back and remove bad frames and get new indexes.

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