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Matroska is an open standard video/audio container and also an open source project with the aim of creating an open media standard. Matroska video files usually have an mkv file extension for Matroska video and mka for Matroska audio. The Matroska container format supports a number of different codecs for compressions including divx and mpeg including mp4. There is really no mkv codec since Matroska is a container format but there are still mkv codec packs you can download.

Advantages of the matroska file format

Matroska was designed to allow users to store a complete CD/DVD as a single file including subtitles and the menu system, mkv files has the benefits of fast seeking. The format also supports streaming audio and video through standard internet protocol. The matroska container is open source and source code is available for download with a well documented api for supporting codecs. The format is also widely supported today with a range of free tools available for free at the projects web page.

The mkv file format

A typical mkv codec pack contains a DirectShow matroska splitter filter and codecs for the most common compression formats used by mkv video files. Matroska is often known as a windows media player mp4 codec even though it actually is not. The combination of an mp4 compressed video stream in a matroska container format is possible and probably the most common combination today.
If you have a matroska splitter installed you can capture video frames from mkv files with fast video indexer and play the video in windows media player.

Download mkv codec pack

The Homepage of the matroska project has many free tools for creating and working with mkv files.
The codec pack recommended by the project is available from here
The most popular matroska splitter filter probably the Haali media splitter
Download Fast video indexer to capture video frames from mkv files

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