Indexing ogm video files

Theora is a relative new video file format from the people behind the Vorbis audio format, music files with the extension .ogg. Theora files and Vorbis files use the same multimedia container format (file format) called OGG, in windows sound files normally have the ogg extension while video files have the .ogm extension Theora is an open format, BSD-style license, that does not require royalty or licensing fees and can be used freely in open source as well as commercial applications. Source code and binary files can be downloaded from the xiph site. Compression and quality for Theora files is about the same as for DivX, MPEG-4 and other modern video compression formats. The Theora video format is the proposed standard video format in the new HTML5 standard. In HTML5 it is going to be possible to play Theora video files right in the browser without plugins. Mozilla Firefox 3.5 already supports this and other browsers are on their way.


Xiph.Org Foundation develops the Theora video format.
Download Codecs for Theora to use with fast video indexer.
Use Fast Video Indexer to extract video frames from Theora videos - you need the codecs first as a direct show filter.

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