Ideas for video frame capture

Digital cameras can now record video clips and dv cameras has finally become affordable. This article gives ideas for what you can do with still images extracted from video files.

Make DVD covers

Covers for your DVDs can be created by grabbing frames from videos and combining them in a program like photoshop. You can also create a contact sheet from the video, print it and use it as a cover.

Present web videos

Show frames captured for a more professional presentation of videos before download. It saves time for your visitors and bandwidth for you. The idea also works if you link to videos streamed from a video site like youtube.

Train to perform better

Video frame capture is a great tool for interview, presentation and drama training. Analyze and learn to control your facial geasures on a frame by frame basis and improve by practice.

Sport training

Make a video film of yourself as you perform your sport and analyse your teqniques frame by frame. Professional athlets have been using this idea for years, now its accessable for everyone.

Make portraits

If you want to make a portrait for internet you probably don't need the high resolution you get from a digital camera. Make a video clip of youself, extract all frames from the video and select the best picture and use it as a digital photo. You probably have a good enough web resolution right away and don't have to reisze the portrait in photoshop. Best of all is that you can pick the frame where you look your best, it is simply easier to take a good photo especially group photos.

Organize your video archive

If you archive videos on DVDs or on a USB harddrive you can store index pictures of your videos on your harddrive. This way it is easy to find the right DVD when you are looking for a specific video clip. You might also want to make a printed index.

Use video shots for your digital photo frame

Digital photo frames usually don't have much higher resolution than that of a video file. Even if some digital photo frames support video clips you can fit a lot more content if you use frame shots from videos instead.

How to capture video frames

Download and install fast video indexer. Drag and drop the video files you want indexed to the program and click the start button.


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