How to Stretch and Configure the FFdshow Decoder Tool

Windows uses codecs, programs that encode or decode video/audio. This program will let you be able to edit and convert video and audio files. Codecs use audio and video applications, regarding the codec to learn a recorded video or audio recording. Some codecs, including the open-source ffdshow, include configuration tools that enable you resize videos if it plays, display subtitles, remove video noise, correct large and get a new aspect ratio to compress or stretch the playback quality image.

Step 1
Click “Start,” “All Programs” and scroll for your “ffdshow” folder. Select the folder, then click “Video Decoder Configuration.”

It will look something like this FFdshow Video Decoder


Step 2

Click “Resize and Aspect.” Go through the “Resize” check box, then a “Specify Horizontal and Vertical Size” radio button. Select the “No Aspect Ratio Correction” button.¬†


Step 3
Enter a horizontal value, in pixels, inside first “New Size” text box. This number have to be greater than the existing horizontal size it. E.g., if your video you have to stretch is 720 by 480 pixels, enter lots bigger than 720 to stretch it horizontally.

Step 4
Enter a vertical value, in pixels, inside second “New Size” text box. The total amount has to be bigger the current vertical size the playback quality. For example, when the video is 480 pixels high, enter much more than 480 to stretch it vertically.

Step 5
Click “Apply.” When you play or convert it employing a media player using ffdshow, the playback quality is stretched



You can Download your FFdshow Codec here. Thanks and I hope this tutorial helps, subscribe for more video editing tutorials.

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