Fast video indexer 1.13

Yesterday I did a minor update to the Fast video indexer thumbnail Index Software. I just fixed a few minor problems that have been irritating me. You can download the program from

So what is new?

First of all you can now re-index videos from the context menu on the results page. When a video is re-indexed it will use the current settings. Say for example you have your video collection indexed but you now want html pages for a few videos. Go to the setting page and check the html output. Next, right click the videos you want html pages for and select the re-index option from the menu. The videos are moved to the index queue and you will get your html pages. You can also change any other option like how many images to capture or what types of templates to use.

Another simple thing that has been missing is an ability to remove videos from the result page. From the beginning the result page was just that but now when more and more people, including me, use the result page it’s nice to be able to get rid of videos that for some reason failed to index or videos that you have deleted since you indexed them.

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