Focus on Fast video indexer

Hi everyone.

The last year I have been focusing on other projects than Fast video indexer. I am working in the computer game industry and this year I have spend a huge amount of time working on two big games that are now out in the shops. If you are interested feel free to check them out, Just Cause 2 and the pc version of Battlefield : Bad Company 2.

Anyways, the next couple of months I will try to focus more on Fast Video Indexer. First of all I will spend some time improving this neglected web page and this blog in particular. I have already started a bit updating the FAQ page and a picture of me on the support page.

As for the software the last years and a half’s updates have only been small fixes to problems. I do think the quality of the program has been improved alot but really you have not seen any new features. Right now I am planning on where to take the software and I would love to have your feedback. I would love to know more about how you use the software and what you think can be improved.

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