How to Improve your Images in your Web Site for traffic

Improve your Images on your Web Site for traffic


Well, you all know that providing good content and sharing something good to read brings traffic to your website. It also works in images. Media is the main attraction on the internet, some people tend to look to pictures and videos, read the caption about it, rather than reading a full article.

And the matter of fact, enticing more users to read your topic gives them an idea of how and what your website really is, and keeps them coming back for more. If showing of your skills in writing doesn’t interest them that much, why not share some pictures of your trip to Hawaii or Peru. Tell them about how your vacation went well, and tell them your story. Tell them how you managed to budget your expenses, or you want to refer them to a great place that you really have fun with. A good travelling trip gives them an idea about the place, and if they like your post they will return the favour and share it.

If you have a video and a story of your latest adventure then, voice out your magnificent story, its kinda fun once you get the hang of it. Just remember to not to mislead them from something else, because once that happens they will get bored and probably just leave.

Images play a major-role in web designing. If your site is full of content but no pictures, your visitors feels like going back in high school, bored and asking themselves why do they have to read the whiteboard full of scribbled words, as we all get that sometimes.

Tips to enchance and attract visitors to your site.

  • Crop and resize your images to display well a computer screen, try to make it simple and small without the quality being blur or use script to automatically zoom in when they hover their mouse on the image.

Choose the best format:

  • Use GIF or PNG for simple portraits and images with limited colors, like picture sketches and cartoons.
  • Use JPEG photos for other images with millions of colors. Good for high image quality pictures that you want to feature out.

Be creative on this, be open and let your emotions run through it.

  • Use picture editing tools to make it even more captivating like; MsPaint for simple editing, Picassa for making galleries, Photoshop to edit some scenes that you don’t like.
  • Lastly, organize and arrange them that’s pleasing to the eye, or better yet set-up a gallery, feature it on a slideshow or powerpoint, if you want to make promotional skits.

No matter what your niche is, if you own a personal website DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH IT! It’s yours. I know social sites are more in these days, but if you want to be known as web owner then better build one, it’s more fun and lively that way. If your website gives a lot of traffic, then you can really put up a good promotion for you and others.


Just remember three things,

  1. Be yourself, and be not somebody else. They visit you for your stories, not for some weird guy just trying to be popular.
  2. Do Not Lie, especially if you want your visitors to trust you about what you post.
  3. HAVE FUN!

Do you have a video and you want to make slideshows instead?

Archive your video files, index them, and make thumbnails to feature on your site?

Then try The Fast Video Indexer that helps you capture video frames faster, take screenshots quickly and post it on your site. The fast video indexer also has a pre-made html template, you could quickly edit your images on html.


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