TOP Cloud Service Providers on The Net

There are a lot of Cloud-computing service providers especially for multimedia sharing, but I only consider putting here the things that I have already tried. If there some companies that I miss, like Google (Gdrive) and Yahoo(Briefcase), then fell free to put your comments below.

Here are some cloud services and servers that you can easily access to, some of them offers free online storage and a monthly or annual payment basis that is affordable to your daily back-up, sharing and storage needs.

1. Dropbox

DropBox for Video Production

Dropbox is one of the best that I have tried so far, I am still using it. Even though it only offers a mere 2GB of free online storage, the best thing about it is that you can use it as an affiliate to have a free 250MB storage every time someone signs up referred by you. You can share it with all your friends and have a lot of storage gaining up to 16GB of free online storage. It has the functionality of a sync’d folder, in which you can easily drag and drop files into a folder, sharing it to the other usersor collaborators. Has a mobile application for Android and IPhone devices to be able to sync all your media files into your computer easily, no more hassle of attaching documents to emails.


2. Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Solution

Egnyte for Video Production

This is a business oriented File Sharing Service that offers Back-ups and Restoration for all your media. Monthly subscription based offering up to 3TB of storage. This is for small, starting, or big companies that needs data back-up through out the whole plan. Simple to use, and no limit for uploads to their clouds.



CX for Video Production

Maybe a lot like dropbox that has collaboration services, you can share folders and files drag and dropping your files to the sync folder. Maybe a little slower when it comes to sharing big files, but the great thing about this site is the 10GB free of online storage for starters that you can have once you sign-up. No limits for uploads, but yes kinda slow and sometimes buggy folders not showing up directly. But, yes very good considering the free 10GB storage, no strings and no hassles.



BOX for Video Production

Offers collaborative data sharing services for computers and for mobile devices. Straightforward and reliable, but sometimes uploading big files will be a problem. Once the connection is cut-off you have to upload your file all over again.

  1. Free 5GB to 50GB for Sign-up, but has limited upload limit over 25 MB to 1GB.
  2. Can Sync to Mobile (Iphone and Android devices)
  3. Smooth Run on sync folders, Drag and Drop Feature.
  4. Collaborate and shared folders and projects.



5. Microsoft Sky-Drive

Skydrive for Video Production

Sky Drive had been put-down for a while, but came back. Get 25GB of free online storage,  no strings attached. Simple as to create folders on the site and upload files to it, no limit whatsoever. You can share any of your folders with colleagues, as well. The site’s design is simple and straightforward. There’s only one flaw, its doesn’t have a desktop sync like the others, and you have to login every time you want to upload files. Speed is OK, and depends on your connection.


6. Amazon Web Services (Amazon S3)

Amazon Web Services

Great for storing up large files, but takes less for your money. You only pay what you use, fast data transfer and data protection needs. Same as the others, improvements and long term storage is great. Offers $0.125 per GB per file of transfer, and up to 5000TB/month of storage according to your subscribed plan. For sharing you can set the region for download making it faster to download and upload files.


7. MediaFire

Media Fire for Video Production

MediaFire is the simplest free cloud storage service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to store, backup, collaborate and share files with others. It is among the popular online storage sharing services that offers individual to share and offering them a download link for other users. Signing up is free and you could use all their services as many times as you want. Whats great about this site is that paid users have unlimited online storage, free users can only upload up to 200mb, while pro and business users can get 4-10GB on upload limit for individual files.


8. Zumo Drive

ZumoDrive for Video Production

Simple and easy to set-up, a lot like the others. Free 2GB for users plus 1GB for completing a task,  Colloborate, share, no upload limit, up to 500GB of file storage. I like Zumo for its straightforward approach, no ads easily sync to desktop. Able to sync files to any of your devices, including Android, IPhone and WebOS for Palm. Supports platforms for syncing, linux, Mac and windows. Signing up is kinda tricky though, somehow the sign-up page isn’t visible on the site. So, to make things easier go sign up here –


9. Open Drive

Open Drive for Video Production

5GB of free online storage for starters; upload limit per day is 1GB for every 100mb max file size, 200 kbps transfer speed for files. Plans are directly affordable and straightforward, easy set-up available to any popular devices (android, iphone), hotlink your files embedding them to your sites for download or sharing. Data-encyption and all others mentioned on thier site. To many restrictions on my side, but money worthspent considering the 50$ a year plan for home user with 100GB Online storage.


10. Spider Oak

Spider Oak for Video Production

2GB lifetime access, offers referrals to avail more storage and syncs your files to any computer/supported devices. Easy set-up no hassle and hands on basic guide for installing and syncing. Up to 100GB+ for subscribers, 10$ a month (additional 10$ per 100GB). Not the best, but easily acessible with no hassles whatsoever about upload limits or bandwidth levels. Data encrypted files, collaborate and share to users as well.


11. Sugar Sync

Sugar_Sync for Video Production

Offers a lot like the others, data encrypted files, share folders anywhere and all of that stuff mentioned from above. 5GB free online storage for starters, and up-gradable up to 100GB+. The pricing is kinda high though compared to others, no upload limits, instant access anywhere and all of that stuff. The site offers straightforward subscriptions, so you are billed every month or year depending on your plan.


Try all of them and see for yourself the difference on their platforms and their way of sharing – well, for me they are all the same ( having a virtual drive or folder). Backing-up your files is  important, you will never know when you might need them or share them. Stick with the safe side, and use these free services to your advantage.


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