Fast Video Cataloger 1.10

Fast Video Cataloger 1.1 Released

Fast video cataloger 1.1 is now available for download from This upgrade is free for all current customers.

The improvements includes the following;


· Fixed bug so that the name and description of an actor can include the quote (‘) character.

Add videos

· The Add video dialog can now be resized to show more of long video paths.
· When you add videos you now see if the video is already in the catalog. Right click to remove videos you do not want to add again. If you add a video that is already cataloged the video data will be merged. Ie it will have all the thumbs of the newly indexed video and all previous thumbnails, it will have its previous tags and any new tags you add.
· You can now select more than one video to remove with right click
· You can sort on the columns in the video to be added table. Useful for example if you want to remove all videos that are already in the catalog.

Video indexing

· When a video fails to index the reason for the failure is set as a tooltip in the list for the failed video. Hover over the video path to see the error.
· Added a new button for failed videos to open a help page. This will only be visible if a video fails to index. To show the help page you need an internet connection as the help is taken from our servers.
· Failed videos now have a context menu where you can play it in an external player, edit it with an external tool or just open the folder where the video is.

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