Fast video cataloger 3 now available

Fast video cataloger 3 is finally here!

A new major version of fast video cataloger (3) is now available for download from the fast video cataloger web site.

Again this is a big update and again it is a free one for current Fast video cataloger customers.

If you haven’t tried the program, there is a free trial version to download.

Ill try to quickly summarize the major improvements…

  • The user interace has a completely new look, more in line with other graphics software.
  • The video catalog now has icon mode in addition to the normal list view. The icon view allow you to fit more videos in a small space.
  • Video player can now play videos faster or slower than normal. It also has support to save video frames as image files.
  • The actor dialog has been reworked and you can now add companion images to the actors.
  • A new burst capture function allow you to add a burst of new video frames from a selected start frame. This is usefull if you have a par of the video where you want more details in the thumbnails.
  • Actions can now be defined by users. An action can be to launch another application or it can be to perhaps search a web page for an actor.

All in all there are a bunch of new features, workflow fixes, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download and test

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