How to Play DivX files unto your Media player?

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Normally, a DivX player is the one you need to play DivX videos.



But, Do you know that standard divx files could also be played with just using your own Windows media player?.  


which you can download here

Download the divx codec pack

or ( this one is optional )

Download the FFdshowfilter codec pack to play divx videos unto your windows media player for a more complete codec pack.

There are two DivX codecs; the regular MPEG-4 Part 2 DivX codec and the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX Plus HD codec.

The Windows Media Player already has all types of filter for MPEG, AVI and since DivX formats are MPEG-4 encoded it should play along. The DivX format is straight forward, if it doesn’t play the file on the windows media player then try updating your media player or download one of the codec packs above and you are all set.

Well, DivX has been a long-time contender in the codec/format business, from consumer electronics to all the video disc and players. So, lets know a little more about them.


The DivX Media Format is a multimedia container developed by DivX Inc. DivX Media Format  is basically an extension of the AVI (audio video interleaved) container that has been reformed to allow more DVD-Video-like features to be supported for playback both on software DivX players and hardware that supports DivX technology.

DivX Media Format (DMF) features:

  • Interactive video menus
  • Multiple subtitles (XSUB)
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • Multiple video streams (for special features like bonus/extra content, just like on DVD-Video movies)
  • Chapter points
  • Other metadata (XTAG)
  • Multiple format
  • Partial backwards compatibility with AVI

DivX Tools and Products:

DivX Plus Player

The DivX playeris like any other media player, but has a more enhanced playback  features;

  • Multiple subtitles and audio tracks
  • Smooth fast-forward and rewind
  • Auto-generated chapters

and surround sound to complete it all. A free trial is available, but after that they will offer you a subscription to unlimited playbacks or a 48-hour subscription.


DivX Plus Converter

Like any other video converters, the divx converter lets you convert your other formatted files into the DivX format. Also, DivX Plus output (.mkv) is free so you can always create MKV files with advanced features.

Added advantages for PRO:

  •  If you have language tracks or subtitles in your movie that you don’t need, you can easily remove them.
  • If you need to make sure your video fits on your 1GB USB drive, simply limit the file size.
  • The new interface of DivX Plus Converter also makes it easy to set video bitrate, pass through original audio tracks and more.
  • Easily convert MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV or MP4 files to .divx
  • Use pre-set profiles to create high-quality DivX videos for your DivX Home Theater, DivX HD or DivX Mobile devices
  • Create .divx files in your favorite video applications like Sony Vegas or VirtualDub. Check out their supported formats.

DivX Plus Web Player

The name says it all,  a web player for divx. Supported also by other popular web formats, this player plays HD videos on your browser. Also, you can join their web deveploment program if you want to use their web player and embed video into your site and pages.



It’s internet TV at its best!

DivX TV combines the best of Internet TV with the ease of flipping channels. With a DivX TV enabled device (like an LG Blu-ray player) you get immediate, free access to hundreds of shows without the need of a PC. Using just a remote, enjoy the best of web video, popular shows and music, all organized into clear categories so you can discover the content you want—and skip the stuff you don’t.


 Well, they are not certainly free, but you can try them out for free other offers like the infamous 30-day money back guarantee.

DivX Media Format  has support for common features such as interactive motion menus, multiple video, audio, subtitle tracks and chapters encoded on the video.

Also, you can capture your video frames using the the fast video indexer if it plays with your media player directly.

Capture your video frames using the fast video indexer.

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