5 Cool Things you can do with your Videos using a Video Capture Software?

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Do you ever wonder what can you do with your videos? Especially the old ones?

Then you’re on the right time to check and try them all out, and also know about video capture software’s.

If you have a camcorder, portable video recorder, or those old vintage video cameras and it still works, then you’re in luck. Even-though it works one function of the video camera still remains questioned, can they take still images for you?

Whether it is an old home video;  a video that you took in high school, or something great happened on the way to your daily routes, and you only have your video camera with you. Those moments are still good even in poor quality; you can edit them like a pro with just clears shot taken from them. If you have a blog or a page you can easily post and share them on the internet and let it go viral.

I know modern gadgets are now swarming these days; with the latest to the lowest gadgets, they can also be bought cheap if you know where to look. Ebay and amazon are the most popular ones. Hey, don’t throw away those old videos yet, they can be off full use today as it is in the last time you opened it in the box.

I’m going to share the 5 Cool Things you could do with your videos on a Video Capture Software, these are the things that you can use your video capture software for, but these are not only limited to five though, as they are also other fun things you can do with them. I am going to split theses in several other topics just to cover all the important steps involve.

  1.  Indexing your videos – organizing and archiving, create thumbnails of various video sources, which will then become part of a Web page-index.
  2. Make Slideshows – skip the boring parts, and just present your videos the way you want it.
  3. Video Previews – create a preview template with all your videos, so users can easily scan the videos before watching them.
  4. Edit Images like a PRO – you have captured your scenes, and you want to improve the quality and make an art out of them. You’re in luck with the help of the video capture software and some “Photoshop” softwares you’re good to go and ready to publish them.
  5. Make Flash banners – Flash pages and sites are fun to watch and it brings life to the site, making them more friendly. With your videos on the move, and you want to make flash images appear on your site, the software can really save you time and even money. Software’s to use; Fast Video Indexer, Firestarter from Coffeecup or adobe flash and a web editor — I’m using coffeecup. 

These are 5 Topics that I want to discuss with you in several different posts.

I am going to write about these topics to help you understand the power of a video capture software, and help you do creative things with it. So, stay tuned and help me spread the word by sharing this page to others, Thanks.

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