Functionality and Design, What to Expect on Brand New Technologies

There are many new technological innovations that are coming this year, the CES 2012 is being held to start a new age of tech. Many breakthroughs and advanced electronics are up for grabs this coming year, computing power of computers are now much greater than before, the world of nano technology has come of age.


Without doubt one of the characterizing aspects of improvements in products hasn’t been the technological breakthroughs about design and style. Though anyone could assert that design and technology advancements go in conjunction, it truly is also simple to see just how design and style rules consumer behavior. However, this is not a new trend due to the fact that industrialized production allowed manufacturers to create cheaper products and solutions where there was on layout instead of features. For Example, mobile phones from past only functions as a way to communicate through text messaging and calling, it was never really intended to be fashionably stylish, then 2003 on-wards mobile phones are manufactured having embedded precious stones and diamonds just to make price go higher, the question that trouble my minds is that why do you need a diamond embedded phone when you can have just simple yet functional phone to call or text.

Having Style 

This carries on these days. Cell phone builders constantly push and pull on the dichotomy of functionality vs design. Many designers select simple layouts and instead rely on features. Lots of others opt for to feature fewer characteristics and as a substitute focus on the design and style, sometimes collaborating with singers. One of the most popular example for this is the latest headset manufactured for artist “Beats“, these headphones were popularized by many artist and singers, consumers are enticed to buy products that are signature and branded rather than comfortable functionality.

With such a focus on structure instead of functionality, it is actually effortless to think of devices solely as design orientated yet it’s also good to not forget that such devices should have helpful added benefits as well. When you are choosing a product there tends to be 3 different factors that you need to weigh up – features, cost and design. Sometimes you might want to invest extra on attributes and at other times for layout designs. At other times they are merged together. Apple’s design ethos is a great instance of design converging with technology.

Should you often go for the style and design aspect when buying products and solutions then you definately should start thinking about the useful aspect as well. For a while it might be tempting to get the coolest layout, and it might not be the best performance you may get, but for some reason you just got to have it by proven impulse of feeling. Why do that? While you could really normally look at the functions from the device and the way you might be using it. There exists no position of buying a really flashy laptop if all you will likely be doing is sending email messages with it or surfing the net. You should concentrate on the full functionality of what you need, not what you want, because its seldom to think what purposes are there for the products if you’re not going to use it right.


Having the Function

Thus, when buying new products, always assume about how or why you need it. An example of this is e-book viewers (such as the Amazon Kindle, also thier newest release the Kindle fire). They have functional makes use of in real life. For instance, plenty of airlines are now limiting flyers to only one piece of baggage. An e-book reader is a lot scaled-down than your average e-book reader therefore you can choose a lot more publications to read with you on a vacation than you might otherwise be able to do so having a luggage just for the books.

Mobile phones are a good example of improved technology. You can use your Mobile for all of your Multi-media fantasies – Ok, don’t think about it in a perverted way. Many phones now feature significant memories letting you store videos, pictures and music, and goes a lot from there depending on the maximum storage that your phone can handle.Smart phones now have digital cameras that you could take pictures like an amateur photographer can do, indicating that you do not have to splash out on a costly digital camera.

The web is not any different. Many sites have already been created with usability and functionality as the focus. You are able to find websites that were developed to allow you to plan your Internet time much better, an example of this is a site that calculate’s how much you spend time having a productive day rather than surfing for entertainment. The internet can neither be bad or good, but mostly good due to the fact that information is limitless when you think about every content that is stored. Due to the innovation of tablet Pc’s and Touch Pads nowadays you can search the web just like surfing at home using your desktop, now that’s functionality!

Unfortunately, a lot of them possess a more functional layout is some ways that also disregards the design layout. It will likely be interesting to see how they will evolve as more people come to assume good operation that is shown inside of a nicely made coupled with an aesthetic solution.

No matter what you expect about the new technology, it just keeps getting better and better.

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