How To Personalize your Icons Using PNG Images

What Did you Know About PNG Formats so Far?

Do you ever wonder how your friends makes those cool icons on there laptops, those cool images that hides their personal modifications to  their PC’s? Those icons you see are just image files using simple PNG file formats.


PNG also known as Portable Network Graphics, are image formats used by many because its kinda like the first image extension that have been used on the internet. An open, extensible image format with lossless compression.You may encounter png formats now and then, especially if you download image files on the internet. The PNG format handles a lot of standard images on web pages pertaining to a bitmap type format.

Well, the ICO format on the other hand is required and used by those little shortcuts on your desktop, such as a folders or maybe a program. So, in case you have an individual image in PNG format that you like to shrink down and use for the icon image, you must choose a converter program that can achieve that for you.

But first lets talk about the differences between the two.



One of the many advantages for using PNG for images on web pages, for example, is simply because PNG is license- and patent-free. Other popular images file extensions like GIF have licenses connected to them, then it is usually trickier using them inside of a free, public way. PNG was released from the “WWW consortium” for exactly this reason. You will discover a variety of images on the web in PNG format, and you can even search for a specific icon image.



Most operating systems these days use what is known as a GUI, or graphic user interface. This requires images that you need to manipulate and then click, so as to start programs or perform other functions. The little icon images for the operating-system including Windows will be in ICO format. For those who have a certain image you want for a shortcut to start a program, or a few other aspects of the GUI, then this image will have to be in ICO format when.
First rule of converting PNG to ICO is to use image conversion software. An example of this program is AtoBsoft. You can consider a finite volume of image conversions like PNG to ICO for nothing because of this program. If you would like carry on using it, however, you should register this product and buy the complete version. The interface is not difficult, permitting you to select the images you would like to convert plus the format, and after that hitting a “Convert” button to produce the conversion happen.


Online Conversion

Another choice is always to opt for online conversion websites. An illustration of this this sort of website is Media Convert. By trying this program, you should be re-directly go through the “Browse” button then find your PNG file. It should automatically detect what kinds of file it can be, plus the “Input Format” should change to read “PNG.” Then go through the “Output Format” drop-down menu and choose “ICO” format. We have a button for the right marked “OK” that can begin the conversion. Once it finishes, you will see  a button again to download the converted ICO file.


Another way of conversion
Should you prefer a quick conversion, and you have a great connection to the web, searching for a free streaming conversion website for the images could be the smart way to find easy simple to use converters. However, if you require something with great quality, this generally is a wise decision to settle for software. Whenever you’re considering buying image conversion software, it certainly is a great idea to try it out first if you are considering doing more conversions at some point. You know what you should expect, and you’ll know if it is going to be more than worth it to you to buy those software’s.


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