Fast Video Cataloger 1.20 available for download

Fast video cataloger 1.20 is now available for download from

This is a major update and its free for current customers.


The major change in 1.20 is that it is now possible to tag single video thumbnails or scenes as they are called in the program. Here is the list of that have been changed:

User interface
Removed the tabs from the front screen and moved the functionality to buttons on the right. Because of this it is now possible to see the info about video/actors/tags at the same time as thumbnails. And when you hide them we have more space for thumbnails. I also think the flow of the program is much more natural.

Added the new “keywording” page. This is the new unified way to tag videos as well as thumbnails.

It is now possible to tag single thumbnails as well as whole videos. If no thumbnail is selected the tags are added to the whole video. If a thumbnail is selected the tag is applied to the selected thumbs. Add and remove from the selection by holding ctrl when clicking just outside the thumbnail image.

Fixed bug with removal of tags.

When entering a new tag you can add it right away with enter and the cursor is still in the tag window making it faster to add tags by typing.

Added new tab and view for searching tagged scenes/thumbnails. Now it’s possible to get thumbnails from many different videos on one screen. Say for example you are an effect artist with tagged frames of explosions across many different videos. Now you can get all explosion shots on one screen and play the different videos right away.

Search strings accept space for multi word tags. Use + or “,” as separator between keywords. If you search for more than one keyword your result will include all hits for all keywords (OR search).

Search on tags window for source tags did not have a scroll bar making it hard to add tags if you used had a lot of tags to choose from.

Search dialog can now be resized.

You can download a free trial version of Fast video cataloger from


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