Fast Video Cataloger and its Uses on Video Production

Fast Video Cataloger – a video asset management software that is capable of accessing your video files with its own integrated player for viewing and indexing, or in other words compiling all your videos into catalogs (directories) in one accessible application. You can search and find videos, organizing all your video data into one application that can save you a lot of time and work in sorting and archiving videos.

Q: What do I need a Fast Video Cataloger for?.

Video catalogers are one of the helpful video tools in organizing your videos, stock footage’s, movies, video clips and all video data. If you have too many videos in your hard-drive and you don’t know where to look for them or may have forgotten it; then this software can help you find it. Having numerous videos stored in one existing hard-drive or other storage devices, if you work and edit videos sometimes it inevitable to misplace some videos into other folders/subfolders on your H-Drive. So, when the time comes that you go looking for it, you misplaced them somewhere on the folders. Also, with all the video Codec/formats around you won’t have any worry of converting some of them on catalogs.


Q: What makes a video cataloger different from other video software’s?

The main purpose of the video cataloger is to organize, archive and filter out videos into one single application that helps you lessen the work done in locating and incorporating all your videos.

If you are a movie collector or working on video productions, there is a necessity to sort order to your videos and categorize them as you wish. So, to do that you need to have software that could act as a database for videos. Can be easily organize and sort all your videos into production, editing, and for simultaneous viewing. For an account on video catalogers, they are needed for video management to simplify work needed for video data indexing, and storing a catalog files.

Q: How does this software helps editing videos much more faster?

Video editors work is a time consuming task; video editing are fond of editing, reviewing and make final decisions on the finished video. Having to manage 100, or even thousands of videos of ever growing videos, having to inventory those videos manually will make your eyes hurt. That’s why aside from videos, video editors have multiple software programs to deal with them.

Fast Video Cataloger manages this entire task by, easily integrating your videos to other video editing software; therefore editing your videos could be much easier just by browsing the contents through the help of thumbnails and filters (tag, description, actors, and keywords).

A video cataloger has a built-in integrated player that you can associate with the cataloger, therefore, when you edit and make changes, it also automatically saves within the cataloger itself. Working on videos would be easier by accessing the video on the cataloger; therefore you could make more time focusing more on your video projects rather that accessing it on several other video players. Also, if you are working on multiple videos you can determine the videos your working on by the information stored on the catalog, like tags, description, date edited, etc.


Q: What are the benefits of having Fast Video Cataloger as a whole?

The fast video cataloger is ideal for video production, videographers, and video-editors alike that needs archive their latest creations about work. What’s great about this software is that its specializes in video management, and incorporates lots of your videos to a catalog. It gives you the opportunity to focus more on working videos, rather than go looking for them on the first place. The cataloger automatically benefits you from sorting out your videos and having to view all your videos even in editing stages into one integrated video application.


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