Fast video cataloger 2 is finally here

Fast video cataloger 2 is finally here

A new major version of fast video cataloger is now available for download from the fast video cataloger web site.

This is a big update and a free one for current customers.

If you haven’t tried the program, there is a free trial version to download.

The detailed changelog is to large to post here but this new verison has focused on improving all major workflows.

Layouts are now saved between program runs. Setup you work area as you want it across multiple displays using the docking user interface and have it like when your start the program the next time.

We reworked the whole add video dialog, I personally think its a big improvements.

Much improved support for working with files. If you change the title of a video in the catalog the filename of that video on disk will also change. A new file browser window allow you to arrange
files on disk using drag n drop.

New support for companion and cover images.

Greatly improved performance when working with large catalogs.

Catalog zoom, new fullscreen, volume control, new actor windows, new repair tools and Much much more,
This is a big update, give it a try and let us know what you think

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