Fast Video Cataloger 1.50 released

A new version of fast video cataloger is now available for download from the fast video cataloger web site.

This is a big update and a free one for current customers. If you haven’t tried the program, there is a free trial version to download.

Here is the changelog right from the documentation;

User interface
The user interface has been completely reworked. The visual style has been changed to have what I think is a more professional look. Most windows are now docked so you can create your own optimal layout, including layout over more than one monitor. To drag a window hold down the left mouse button over the header of the window and you can drag away the window and place it where you want it to be. You can also close windows you do not currently need and I have added a new windows menu to show windows that has been closed, to bring them back.

Read only mode
In read only mode you can view catalogs but you not add new videos or actors to the catalog.
When the trial version for Fast video catalog has expired the program will go into read only mode.
Expired version can now be used as a catalog reader without any time limit. You can now have the program installed on as many machines as you want and you can share catalogs with people who don’t own Fast video cataloger.

Fullscreen mode
I have changed the enlarged video mode to be a completely new full screen mode. You can access it from the “Fullscreen” button or use the Alt + Enter shortcut.

Fixed Bugs
Video files with ‘ in the filename can now be added to the catalog, used to silently fail.
Adding videos to a write protected database now gives a meaningful error dialog.
Sorting on dates in the video list caused a crash, this is fixed.
Path remapping was case sensitive, this is fixed. If you for example mapped c: to d: but had a path staring with C: it would not work.
I had to change the shortcut keys for play/pause/stop to not conflict with key navigation.

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