Top 5 Videographer challenges this 2012

Guides to Videographer challenges this 2012

As a videographer you have to tackle some certain task on your own, as it is sometimes a required skill to be versatile in anyway. Hooking up the mounted cameras, the audio equipment’s and other video enhancing gadgets that is used. Videographers are sometimes directors and editors themselves because of this specialized job. What creates a great videographer depends on the set of skills that they have on them, especially the act of multi-tasking on one’s own production for a clientele. As the start of production begins, videographers tend to what is possible to finish the job in a shortened timeline. Deadlines have to be met, and clients should be happy, or just satisfactory to prove they’re worth.

Here are some Top challenges that a videographer must tackle this 2012.


1.   Equipment Versatility

Due to the innovative technologies of this year, there are some doubts from us to what are the best gadgets out there. Further Improvements on cameras, what brands are the best of qualities in long term and who has the most functionality among the rest. Choosing the right equipment is not about how expensive it is or how the brand stands out among the rest. Best advice, take what you needed the most and review what products are on your list. It is a good way to know what you are buying first, rather than pointing it out with your finger.


2012 was the best year for consumer electronics, this year on my opinion is the age of BIG entertainment TV’s. Samsung Latest release as of this year, the 55” OLED TV gives it the kick it needs, along with LG’s 55” OLED. Although the market for these two isn’t out yet, I’m sure a lot of consumers are anticipating their market value for that great entertainment. Not that BIG TV’s are issues to videography; it simply tells you that as a videographer, your work should also be worth watching on those latest gadgets and are formatted with the right file.

As for cameras, the challenge is that having that unique content and maximizing the state of the art digital images you can get. Camera’s that offer a wide variety of resolution can give you that edge in refining images and gives you quality. All other equipment’s should be the same giving you excellent quality and versatility.

Being adoptable to the changes on digital forms means you are updated and capable of making abrupt changes with your style and skill. You can seek and command your way out of things, being more agile and professional in any way.


2.   Video Software Compatibilities

The real challenge here is choosing the right software that you are comfortable working with. Yes, when it comes to computers there are only two choices available to get the software you need, whether you are a MAC user or PC, having the compatible software that suites your everyday work is the best choice to go here. Videography is a complex way of making art, because video production is the process of making videos, so you deal with animated objects all the time. Like painting a scenario from a canvass, videography is the same way but the difference is you deal directly with animated scenes. In order to edit and render those images, a software application is needed, and this depends based on the platform you use.

Mostly PC’s are the most popular and widely based on programs, preferably windows platforms are easy to grab and edit and more controllable. Mac however, is more on power and performance and for more accurate rendering. But that also is based on what software application you choose.


Here are some software’s that every videographer has to have:

  1. Professional Video Editor
  2. Video Converters
  3. Image editor/enhancer (Adobe Photoshop)
  4. Audio Editor
  5. Video Data File Organizer (optional)

These are some of the softwares you will ever need, regardless of brands and what type of video editors you use.


3.   Resource Management

Being resourceful is one of the best tactics a videographer could ever have. That untimely skill that lets you adjust and still served the best possible ending for a task at hand. Whether you are filming on the spot, or editing on the office, it’s quite useful to have an environment that you are resourceful with. Don’t throw out old equipment’s yet, store them in a single room, you may have to use it sometime on the future.

Manage all the resources available, that includes your financial status, machine availability, time consumption for projects and miscellaneous objectives you may encounter along the project. There would not be any simpler task than reaching out to those handful quantities or already used information and ideally make a new one.


4.   Project Timelines

Project timeline or Deadlines – Video production is a very time consuming task, if you don’t get your deadlines straight you won’t be able to meet the costumers criteria and demand. Having to timeline all your projects is time saving task that most videographers disregard because of the overwhelming intimidation they face when a project is at progress already. They sometimes forget what where the main objectives of the project before they claim and assume that they already did something similar.

Timeline are a great way to check the progress of each project, it gives you the professional way of doing it, meeting the standards of everyone else for that matter. Having access to limited time can give you a great start of each individual task at hand, therefore saving you the expense and budget of the project. Producing videos is a honed task through experiences, you won’t be able to handle some task that you haven’t been able to encounter.


5.   Availability

 Your availability to certain outcomes can be your greatest asset. Failing is just an option; it’s your “First Attempt in Learning”. There is no success without failing at something. Scientist know this because before they can make a mistake, they put it into hypothesis first and then run some test and gather all the facts.


Putting yourself to the professional standards gives you the competency of everyone who is at your destined profession. Be open and be friendly, business is not all about the money, it’s all about the relationships you will have with a costumer doing business that counts. You provide service, so give them the sympathy they need for your flexibility on time.

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