Video Mush-ups, the mix-tapes of 2012

Producing Video Mush-ups, the mix-tapes of 2012

When you hear the word mush-up, what comes into your mind? If you are a music lover, it means that it’s somewhat like a remix, a combination of several sounds mix together to present a new sound and beat. If you are into movies, video mush-ups are combination of movies brought together to form another form to the story, this can be mostly seen in parodies and short storylines.

Video mashups have been viral lately one of that most viral among them all is a French internet user so called “AMDS FILMS” with the famous mahshup of the “Terminator vs Robocop”. The first episode of this mashup was a hit reaching 30 million views around the globe. Due to the amazing video sharing for the internet today like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc. users around the world are also getting the trend of making a video mashup.

There are about 3 Billion internet users who watch these video hosting sites for entertainment. No wonder you could be a hit just for a few days. Speaking of Viral videos one of the most subscribed youtube channel throughout these years is the one who reviews viral videos. If you have been watching youtube all day, you may stumble upon him and laugh at his jokes or laugh at the video making a jerk of himself. The infamous Ray William Johnson and his channel Equals Three “=3” with these symbol on it. His humorous videos are the most watched on the history of youtube, spanning a wide variety of videos having 5.3 million subscribers. I’m just saying, almost of all the movies his reviewing are mashups – cat videos included.

Well, enough about that guy he’s already popular one way or another. So what are video mashups, and how can you make one yourself?

Combining several videos in one mixtape takes time and a lot of video skills to make, yes it was time consuming. But, in today’s technology almost everything is simplified. Video editing software are easily available on the internet, you can download these video software’s and make your own videos. All you have to do is pick the best one, there are several video softwares out there and it doesn’t just do one thing. You can split videos, render effects on them, give them transitions and have them uploaded instantly on hosting sites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc.

If you are an aspiring video enthusiast who also wants to create videos and be famous,

Here are some video editing software’s I recommend:

  1. CyberLInk
  2. Power Director
  3. Corel
  4. Videostudio PRO
  5. Adobe Premiere Elements
  6. MAGIX Movie Edit PRO
  7. Roxio Video LAB
  8. VideoPad
  9.  Pinnacle Studio HD
  10.  Sony Vegas Movie Studio
  11. Showbiz DVD

Also depends on the platform you are using. They all have free trials of some sort so you could try it out, if you like it and comfortable working with them feel free to support and by purchasing the video editor. If you are a MAC user “iMovie” is the best choices for beginners, and Adobe Premiere package for MAC. Windows Movie Maker for windows is also good for starters, working with effects and transitions by simple drag and drop them to the window panel.

Now, let’s take down the process of making video mashups or mix-tapes.

First take: Find inspiration and clips that you think you can add together, Plan ahead of time. Video making is long term process; it may and will consume time that you didn’t expect it to be. Also there other several websites that offers free stock footages for download, so you better drop by and grab some videos for post-production (intros, credits, stock clips).

Second take: Store them in your hard-drive for later use. If you want to give them descriptions, tag, titles etc. you can use a cataloger for that. A video cataloger can sort and archive your videos, index them and give them the ability to be reviewed for later viewing.

Third take: Compile your videos and start the storyline, give your audience something to watch about. Depending on the genre you are making, focus on the thing that you are good at and start there.

Fourth take: Use the editor that you are comfortable with and let your creativity flow. Add effects, transitions, audio, render animations, trim and cut, etc. Give the audience some thrill to watch your video, make it viral. Add spice and everything nice, for you to make that perfect pie’s – just adding a little humor here.

Fifth take: Be Organized and always create a deadline for every project you make, therefore you cannot cram your way to an unfinished video. This is a great exercise especially if you are now working with studio companies that scouted you for your videos.

Sixth take: Be patient, don’t rush into things that you aren’t capable to do yet. Do some research and attend seminars, workshops or video courses. Mastering the arts of flim making is a degree, you can’t speed your way through it if you want success.

Seventh take: Once you are done with your mashup, share it! Or better yet Join the Film Festivals and submit your videos. YouTube is now sponsoring the “Your Film Festival” you will have the chance to be working production with the famous director Ridley Scott and win that $500,000 prize. See Youtube “Your Film Festival” for more details.

Tips: For more fun and brainstorming, find collaborators. Collaborate with other colleagues; share your ideas with friends. It will not only save you time, but also have fun doing it with others.

Remember to add credits, watch the whole film yourself and have it watched by others as well. Be prepared for the opinions of others and critics, and give yourself a nice pat at the back for doing a job well done!

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