Video archiving in fast video cataloger

Fast video cataloger ( is the software I am currently spending most time improving and the software that I am most exciting about.

In the last big update I added the ability to tag and search individual scenes in your videos. This makes it really easy to find exactly the right scene in large databases. I got the idea from a friend that is working as a special effect artists, he has a huge reference library with movies that contains special effects and he wanted to be able to tag the exact scenes in the moves that had the effect. The next big improvement to fast video cataloger will be the ability to archive videos.

Right now, I am puttin the final touches to the archive functionality. You will be able to archive videos to external devices for example a secondary usb disk. The videos will still be searchable in the catalog but if you want to play it you need to connect the storage device. Typically when you work on a project you want everyting on your local drive and when you are done its great to be able to get a quick overview of you work but you probably don’t want the video files to take space on your working computer. This is the problem the new archive functionality will solve.

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