10 Great Video Project Ideas for Videographer Newbies

10 great video project ideas for videographer Newbies

Project Ideas for Videographer Newbies

As a scope of videography one should expect to be unique, not all videographers are the same. Videographers tend to be categorized by their genre and appeal when making videos, but not all of them stands out because video making is good for newbies also. Videography is a refined art of creating and producing videos, video production is the main process where it all begins. Planning your productions takes a lot of time and patience; it requires a unique style of presentation and skillful eye to observe everything that is happening on a video.


Here are some 10 video projects ideas to refine that talent as a videographer:

  1.  Video Blogging Start a video blog, a video blog can be anything it fits all genre and this depends on your style. Video log as others may call it, the everyday story of an ordinary person can change ones thought in a day. I have been inspired to watch some video blogs on some bloggers, they even teach some points or two.Video blogging is easy; it only requires minimal set-up or none at all, you got to have a comprehensible accent (I’ am not a racist), you talk about the things that is happening on whatever account you may choose, may it be news, sports, comments, opinions or debates. Making a video blog benefits both parties; you can boost your confidence, practices simple video editing (transitions, clips, apply footages etc.), and be helpful.Tip(s) in making video blogs. If you want your videos to be recognized you should be helpful and friendly always. Act normal, or silly sometimes, even stupid if you will to put some drama into your Vlog. Plan and prepare the set-up, it doesn’t need to be high budget, but try to be more outstanding with just simple backgrounds.
  2.  Biographies Research something about the person that is motivating; be inspirational about this one as well as the person you are interviewing. Biographies are good stories of a person living or not that is worth mentioning. Point out the strong and weak ideologies of the person, Create a scenario of the person, reenacts some life instances that is good for screenings.There are lots of people out there that are worth mentioning, even ordinary persons doing extra ordinary things. The Artist: the Actor, the Inventor, the Scientist and the other few characters that is good to follow. Choose the best person to interview that you can relate to, and be open-minded.
  3.  Commercials Commercials are good ways to start a video making career. They are fun to make, and it gives you the brainstorming agenda of producing it. The primary objectives of the commercial project will be to inform the viewers in regards to the item, as well as encourage them to be interested to make a purchase about the item.If you watch too many commercials on TV you will actually get the main idea for the script you are going to make. It’s to provide the facts about the product, give it the three general rules of marketing. That is the Necessity, Benefits, and the Quality. Give them something to think about, it’s good to have commercials that they (the audience) can relate to.
  4.  Travel Videos This is among one of the popular videos for videographers. If you are always travelling it is always good to record your findings, discover places and explore diverse cultures. Film your entire trip to the Sahara, or Alaska. Create a bunch of helpful tips and guides, and also some experiences good or bad from your travel.Travel footage’s, or shall we say it as Road-Trip films are created and directed individually. If you have friends coming along with you, include them throughout the trip. Friends are good time-wasters when travelling anywhere. Having fun is the main scheme for this project to work with, and informational too.
  5. Cartoons and AnimationThis a good form of entertainment, creating and producing animated videos is good way to capture an audience. Storytelling is one of the best ways to communicate, especially with children and even adults alike. If you are an artist or cartoonist, this is a good talent to be improved with.Animated video covers a lot of characters and genre, what’s hard about this project is the requirement for software tools and the skill and experience to use them. There are a lot of software applications, also there are websites offering you to animate videos for free, the best thing about this project is that it pays of well.

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