How to Index your Videos using Video Capture Software?

The problem is, there are growing amounts of video data on your disk. How will you organize and archive them in a much lesser time? Once you can no longer find videos that you know of, or you have it somewhere else on your disk, a problem starts to occur. The videos are taking too much space on your hard drive, so you have had to split them among several disks and now you don’t know which video is where. This is caused by growing amounts of video data and to solve this problem you need to find a way to organize the mess.

Index your videos using Video Capture Software

Well, there are certain ways you could do it. If you have time to manage your videos, organize them to the way it should be, and take several screen-shot of them one by one, then you’re probably on the right track. The disadvantage about this method is that it’s prone to human error, and you can’t really manage 300-500 videos without shedding some fingerprints on the way.

A faster way to do it is to have softwares to do it for you, but what to do you look for in softwares? Well, as consumers we tend to find the best offers available; it should work the way it was meant, must have the quality and features — making it user friendly, also updates periodically for maintenance and errors. I don’t have a comparison for similar products that are available for use, and honestly there’s a lot of them to compare about. Instead, I am going to be using the ones that I already have for the tutorial, and that is the Fast Video Indexer.

Let’s go on, shall we.


The Fast Video Indexer has already a simple video tutorial about the indexing part, and might as well give you the link..

How to Index Frames using Video Capture Software (video tutorial)

You can see here that fast video indexer can index videos very fast, frame by frame capture is done simultaneously. Once indexer is finished you can view the ones you like and remove the ones you don’t want. see below

If you click on the file link location (highlighted), a small pop-up window will appear, and all the indexed videos are up for grabs. To see the image directly from fast video indexer you must have Inzomia image viewer 3, also available for download.

 The HTML report template is ready, here you can manage your videos every-time the frame is captured. The time frame on the right serves as an index to view the screenshot by its specified time-rate.

That’s it, you can index hundred of videos with just sitting there and wait for the indexer to finish.

You can grab the Fast Video Indexer here and try it for free. Fast Video Indexer – Video Capture Software

Thanks and Cheers.

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