Free Editing Tools for all your Media Needs

A Free Editing Tool for your Music and Videos

The birds are flying free, and drops a lot of free web app for browsers. I’m talking about the AVIARY! With all the birds (I’m referring to web application software tools from aviary)  en-caged in one platform, you can proficiently edit all your multimedia needs. From editing pictures, videos, audio and you could also make your own media by using the BIRDS! A very neat feature aviary offers is the tools corresponds to a certain bird, you can easily remember them and set-up your tools in one account. Although its a web based application so you can only use it when you have an internet connection, its still good, as the platform itself is free for basic and powerful editing media.

The Power of Aviary!

The Birds are Flocking!

The Phoenix

 Like any other photoshop software’s “The Phoenix” is just like any photo editing software. You can edit the photos like; puting layers and add effects, burn and smudge tools, and lots more. A powerful web based application for photo editing.


The music maker “ROC” It’s a pretty good application for creating music with lots of music instruments you can playback and add beats and improve quality for your music. Good for amateur music producers and music artist who want’s to be famous — good for wannabe Video Jocks out there, this is an awesome tool for you.


The Talon

The Talon, a web based screen capture app that — well you guessed it, it captures a screenshot of your browser. You can adjust the resolution and quality of the captured image and download it just like any other picture — common, but in a way useful if you don’t have a Prt Sc keyboard button.



If you’re done with “The ROC”, then better check out the MYNA audio editor app. You can remix; add effects, add music clips and record your voice and instruments and more effects, and more effects!



Certainly you won’t find a similar tool on the web. You can create cool vector designs, awesome web based tool for designing logos and Favicons. Favicons are logos located on the top-left of your web tab on your browser.


The Falcon

If you feel a bit unsatisfied about “The Talon” app, then this one is much better. You can quickly capture images from your browser and edit it. You can add captions directly, add effects and draw something on the image to make it look more dashing…

This tool offers a lot of tweaks for your captured images, and definitely captures an interest


The Peacock

Awesome application from all the birds that I have tried at most. Also an image editor, but has some awesome tweaks that you can experiments with. The peacock is a pixel based editor that enhances your image even better with tools like the Node-based UI

that Drags, drop, and connect generators, effects, resources, and controllers.


Lastly, The Toucan

A Cool application on experimenting with different colors. With Color palletes that lets you mix colors dramatically and also build feelings unto your images via color injection.

Color associations

Toucan knows all about color theory, and you can even see a color deficiency preview. And, choose up to 20 colors per palette using color association rules or an uploaded image.


Theses are all the apps that the BIRDS on the Aviary have to offer. If you’re bored and you want to do something creative and productive, then hanging out with the birds and feeding them with you’re creative nuts is the best thing to spend you’re time with. Be careful though in playing with them, they can also be angry and mess-up your work if you have a bad connection, and if you’re not familiar with the buttons. Better build a some sticks and bricks to protect you from those things. Haha…

Thanks and Have Fun with Aviary!

If you want to save your pictures on your videos and don’t want to spend some time in taking a screenshot of them one-by-one, and use the saved images and edit them on aviary. The video capture software Fast Video Indexer  can really make your task much faster and easier. Good luck hunting!

All images used on this blog are copyright of, I don’t hold any authorship for the pictures whatsoever.


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