How to put FLV or SWF videos to your site?

FLV file Icon from Adobe Systems

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First to do is finding a plug-in player like adobe flash, JWplayer and several others. Upload it to your site via ftp if it is a script or coded plug-in — you usually do this for personal pages.  Adobe flash plug-in is the way to go if your using a browser. Adding Media to your site, my other blog talks about adding video and audio to your page or blog. There are so many tutorials about this topic, but I want to put it up again due to several reasons.

Many users are still beginners about this topic and more people are still interested in putting up there websites. The Internet is the BIG THING in our generation, sharing information and communicating with other people around the world is the best thing that happened.

The only problem, the is no privacy and internet bullies are still common these days.  Enough said, lets proceed with the tutorial. Adobe is still the leading plug-in adding videos so lets stick with them for a while.

I found a great tutorial about FLV , and I’ll just refer you to this site. 

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