How to Burn a Watermark on your Video?

Burn a Watermark on Video

The Disadvantage

Many users are capable of downloading your videos without your permission via download managers, thus making your videos vulnerable to theft. The only disadvantage here is that, you get this silly logo and text dangling on the top or bottom of the video, and people are sometimes are annoyed by it. If you want to make your video watchable, without losing the protection from your copyrights then make the logo or text opaque, and just let them appear in intervals in the beginning, middle and the end of the video.

You can click the picture to see the where I have downloaded the video from youtube. Its from a popular youtube band created by RYJ, yourfavoritemartian.

Another process takes place when you burn a watermark on your video. The difference between the other method is using a software editor that glues your image or text to the video before compressing it to your desired format.

I found a lot of tutorials about this topic. One stands out from the rest that’s easy to understand and has definitions that even a beginner would comprehend.

Here’s the Link: Miracle Tutorials


When your video is downloaded by other users, they cannot easily remove the watermark via video editors because it is burned in the video. The watermark is compressed on the video therefore, the original copy is still yours and you still take authorship on that video. Watermarkng the video makes it very easy for users to find your site and drives direct traffic to your site, rather than uploading it without one. Good for making viral videos pointing to your site.

Watermark videos via youtube movie makers

Other watermarking softwares:

I have Watermarked a video that I downloaded from youtube. I don’t hold any license on the video nor do I have permission to edit them, but only serves as tutorials purposes on this site.

I also forgot to change the opacity for the video so better change that unto your vid’s to get a better effect.

You can also find a lot of tutorials from this site so better check them out also.

Thanks and Cheers!

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