How to Watermark videos via youtube movie makers

Watermark videos 

Taking authorship with your videos can help you in several ways to prevent piracy and duplication; to enhance traffic on your site, and also advertise your videos on your website to other directories and pages. May it be submitted on video hosting sites, or on your own personal blog, watermarking them would surely authenticate your videos and help endorse your website for submission on social sites.

Youtube have been the most popular in video sharing. With a lot of video editing and movie making add-ons; the one you will only needing is great unique creativity, inspiration and time to make them. You can all try them for free, but some features are not free. So, if you want to make great videos find a software that you are good with and practice, practice, practice…




You can add watermark to your youtube videos by uploading and clicking the annotation tab. Put links and comments or refer it to another video, then you can drag the box to any part of the video. Although you’re not really watermarking them but adding a layer (bubble box or caption) instead, and sadly you cannot put any picture with your video as a watermark.

Here’s a preview of what I have done.

You can really have fun with youtube, with  a friendly based platform and easy tasking. That’s why youtube still ranks as the best in video sharing for me.

These are the movie makers available in youtube: 

Xtranormal Movie Maker

Xtranormal lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly. Easily share something funny…


GoAnimate is a fun app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. You can even create your own cast of characters. There ar…

One True Media

One True Media, simply powerful video creation. Robust, fast and easy video editing. Combine and clip video and photos. Edit as little or as much as you want with profession…

Stupeflix Video Maker

Tell a story with your digital content. Mix pictures, videos, maps, text, music and watch Stupeflix produce a stunning video in a few seconds. It’s fast, easy, and free to …


Here is another software that offers easy watermarking for your videos, Click Here


Problems with video codecs  and playing other formats, you can check my other blog “Video File formats“.

Actually they are another approach in watermarking a video, burning you watermark to a video.

Check out my other blog for burning watermarks instead to videos.


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