How to Easily Embed a Video on your site using the new WEB/HTML5

If you already know how to embed, or otherwise not yet familiar with the new web code for adding multi-media features on your site using HTML5. You could check my other blogs “How to add multi-media Html5 on your site” For more information on HTML5, and how you can easily embed and upload your videos on any site, or blogs if you prefer client side coding like WordPress and Blogger — meaning you can embed them without setting-up any servers or if there are no flash plug-ins supported on your browser.

Let me introduce to you the JWPlayer…

The JW Player for Flash v5 is the Internet’s most popular and flexible media player. Its XML-based skinning functionality allows you to completely customize its look and its plugin architecture allows you to easily extend the player with features such as sharing, recommendations, searching, analytics and ad serving

There are lots of features on JWplayer that lets you enhance your pages and add more life to your site, and might as well give more credit on staying longer and visits your pages a little more often– depending on how you set it. As always, keep a steady moderation in giving your site an upgrade, just remember the thing about ‘WYIWYG’ and ‘KIS’ and you’ll be fine.

Bits on the Run

Bits on the run is a video platform hosting your videos, you can upload your videos and edit them. Offered by the company Longtailvideo that also brought you the JWL player. See, JWL player is a one of kind player that supports HTML5 sites that are widely used in some websites today.

Like any other video hosting sites, you can upload your videos and edit and publish them by means of the <embed> tag. The best thing about the tag is if you have no javascript and HTML5 support on your site, you can easily just paste the tag on your HTML page.

The neat feature about Bits on the run platform is that you can edit, watermark, and you don’t need to convert your video to flash so you could upload it. Also, you can choose what type of tag you could use for the site, like the one below is an example.

The resolution of the player accepts widescreen and standard screens, so you can render the image for some space or edit some scenes. Also, its a good approach of easily watermark your videos. The only problem with working with the watermark tweak is you have to manually make the text and picture, like make the picture and text opaque and when will the watermark appear for the duration of the video.

Either way it’s still good as long as you have something to make it happen. In my next blog I’m going to introduce to you another site that is much better in making watermarks and make classy videos.

If you want a more deeper insight of what is JWplayer, you could also check this blog. Video Capture Software

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