Introducing the New Feature on Facebook – Facebook Timeline


While Timeline’s official rollout won’t take place for a few weeks, it’s likely to get early admission by registering as a developer. After you go through the procedure and allow the beta feature, you’re presented with a warning: “Facebook gives you one week to clean up your Timeline before it is visible to all your friends”. If you’re a long-time user there’s likely a lot of impending blackmail material that could surface, so you should take benefit of the grace period to star, hide, and delete everything you’ve accumulated over the years. That’s an added significant thing to mention right off the bat: Timeline will hold more meaning for those who have been using the service longer, and newer Facebook users might feel lonely at first.

This is just a short walkthrough of Facebook’s Timeline. Facebook is clearly putting the framework in place to become your ultimate online hub, and it’s looking to personalize it and socialize it to keep you from going anywhere else. Only time will tell whether the Timeline will be a hit with users, but our online lives are about to change and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.

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