How to Make a Slideshow using a Video Capture Software?

Have you ever wanted to include a video in an oral/web presentation?

You have a video that has too many boring parts, or there are to many out of topic frames that you don’t want to cover up. You decided to make it as a presentation instead, to do that you to have capture some images in you presentation from the video, put comments, annotations and templates just to make the images presentable. For you to be able to do that, you have to take frame by frame capture of the video and display quality images to be ready for edit. It take’s a lot of time, but for you to get the job right you have to be patient with it.

OK, now let’s do something fun on the way…

First, prepare the video that you want to present with — locate the video on your disk. The tools that I’m going to use areFast Video Indexer and Microsoft Power Point. You could also use Movie Maker, Window Live Movie Maker or another video editing tools instead of PowerPoint. You could also get free video maker softwares for free here.

The Fast Video Indexer is a great tool for sorting out your video. Take screen-shots frame by frame and output it to another folder in JPEG format. It could then be used to put it in your presentation and slide-shows.

As you can see here I already finished taking captured frames from my video. Fast Video indexer can also directly view the images using the Inzomia image viewer 3, If you want a tutorial about this. Go to the Fast Video Indexer website, and see the video tutorial or see related tutorial articles below.

After you’re done editing them, you can now create your presentation on any of the Movie Maker Software you choose. As I said above, you can put comments, annotations or make it as a video step by step presentation.

These Movie Slideshows are good for, Video tutorials on Video Editing, and How to’s. Creating a video from a video, we are all astonished by people who do amazing stuffs, that’s why we normally question ourselves “How do they do it?”. In response to that, that’s why we also create videos for videos, to share the knowledge and information — Kudos for the internet.

You can experiment with it, and have fun at the same time. Enjoy and Cheers!

If you want to see the video, Dubstep Guns click here..

I don’t own any of the videos that I used on this tutorials, this tutorial only serves as a basis and example for the software’s that I used for video making and slideshows. Visit their YouTube-channel, if you want to know more about them. Thank you….

For video format problems on Fast Video Indexer, refer to this blog post. Codec Pack to choose for your Media Player 

Do you want to download files FAST? How to Download Files and Convert it to any format?

or How about Creating a Movie Slideshow using iFrame.


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