Fast Video Cataloger 1.30 Released

A new version of fast video cataloger is now available for download from the fast video cataloger web site.

This is a big update and a free one for current customers. If you haven’t tried the program, there is a free trial version to download.

Here is the changelog right from the documentation;

Archive function
I have added a new video archive function. With archiving you can tag videos to specific storage media. You can also move the videos files to the media as they are tagged, for example if you want to archive videos to an external drive.
You can easily browse all videos on a specific media through the expanded search function that now also support archives.

Program asks for path to missing videos
When you play a video and the path is no longer valid you will now get a dialog asking you where the file is now. When you have provided the new path the program will play the video from there but it will not update the catalog. This is useful if you share a catalog through a network drive and want the videos to be played from the shared folder as well. Or if you have your catalog on an external drive and the drive letter is different on different computers.

Path mapping
In preferences you can provide a local mapping for how to translate a path to a new path. This mapping is only local to the computer where you set it up and will not alter the catalog. This is very useful if you are sharing a catalog between different computers where the root paths to your videos are different. I do recommend that you build your entire video catalog from one root folder. Personally I store my catalog at the root and then have different sub folders for where I keep the videos in the catalog.

When you play a video by clicking on a thumbnail that thumbnail/scene is selected. This means that the last scene you played from will be the one you tag in the keywording pane. In earlier version when it was not selected the tags would hold for the whole video.
I also fixed a bug where you could not remove a keyword set to a specific scene.

When searching for scenes the suggestion box will now only show tags that have been used for tagging specific scenes and not for whole videos.
The drop down list used to filter videos now only contains tags used to tags whole videos. It will not show tags that so far have only been used to tag individual scenes.
These changes avoid searches that would not empty results and makes it easier to find relevant tags.

Video List
The video list now also contains the video file path, time the video was added and link. These are to the right of the other columns so you will need to resize the video list window to be able to see them. You can change the order of the columns with drag n drop and you can change the width of each column.

Video player
The seek bar below the video now also has a two text fields with the current time to the left of the seek bar and the total time to the right.

New Video formats
Fast video cataloger now recognizes xmf and ogm as video formats. To be able to use these formats you will need to have codecs installed or more precisely you need a directshow splitter that recognize these container formats.

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