How to Add Video Thumbnails from Videos?

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Do you use video sharing services like YouTube or Google video to show videos on your web page or blog?

Thumbnails are captured images from the video that you could use to print or post to other platforms like blogs and website pages. This practise is always a terrific way to optimize your site and generate decent traffic. The site will be more user friendly and search engines can index your pages much faster because it has content in it. A good idea for landing pages and creating video catalogues.

Video sharing sites are skilled at what they do, and that is to host a video for viewing. A number of people who have poor internet speeds cannot easily watch videos on the internet. Users still have to wait for the video to finish streaming before then can play it, so they could watch it without interruptions. While they are complaining about their internet, a pop-up window opens and tells them that their browsers don’t support plug-ins for the video. If the video takes too long, or is not compressed well, the videos will keep buffering because it takes a long time to finish them. Thus, making your pages longer to load and will consume a lot of bandwidth.

Not all people who use the internet can view videos clearly, some browsers do support the plug-ins, but not all of them have updated browsers also.  Nonetheless, every video sharing sites today requires the Flash plug-in to play your videos, and most people do have it installed. Present desktops, laptops, notebooks, and mobile phones are required to install the Flash plug-in for software applications to run. For most people  there won’t be any problems, unless you have an Ipad. Flash plug-ins for Ipad are not supported anymore by apple, so developers are now using HTML5 players as an alternative way to play the videos.

When people visit sites, they usually scan the pages and find something worth reading. If your pages are a bit slow they will leave the page, and that will count as a bounce for your traffic. Individuals using the internet are always looking for answers. They are always busy looking for stuffs on the net, and people only want (straight to the point) information. So, to increase your viewers you must review your audience first, and give them what they want. Set-up your page and try to make it accessible, as a reward, they will come back to you and bookmark your page.

How can you display your videos without slowing down your page?

Look at your site, if you have pages that are similar to a newspaper, that’s good. But,  if you have  too many videos on that  page, then that will be unsuitable for your page, the page will take much longer to load since each plug-in need to initialize all the videos — meaning it will always try to buffer at the same time.

Tip: Never auto-play your videos when the page loads if you have to auto-play it, make it a short one.

If you do need to provide videos on it, it is much preferable to use a video thumbnail and redirect your viewer to another simple page with the video on it. People with limited internet speeds can watch and view the contents more clearly because the page is light and easy to load.


How to create a video preview

There are lots of video capture software out there. Video capture programs are used to capture images from videos.  A software program that can make image indexing faster for videos; use the captured frames for image editing, scanning, view frame by frame screenshots.

If you have an original uncompressed video; you can create screen-recordings to apply to that video file, you can then obtain the captured frames from the videos to use as previews. Use the images from the original video file, and it will give you a better video quality than the compressed ones. Grab the images using Video Capture Software, see Index your videos via video capture software.


You could use the Fast Video Indexer for creating a preview page for your video, and check out my other related articles below.

 Aim to have the highest possible resolution, and uses the least amount of compression possible for your videos.


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