How to make Flash Ads and Banners from videos?

Make Flash Ads and Banners from videos?

Flash ads and Banners has a significant impact on optimizing sites, but for Google, flash banners are not cool because they can’t record pages that contain Flash. Content is still king when it comes to google searching for your website.  Creating a Flash banner is not an easy task, but there are lots of software programs out there that offers Drag and Drop features and WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get applications.  Building these ads and banners may take a lot of your time, so be prepared to spend, and practice the program that you are going to use.

What can this tutorial help you?

Creating flash banners is not that hard and not that simple also. It takes time and some inspiration to make it, you need formidable understanding of how video editing programs work, also is a plus.

Almost all of us is in need of assistance when we are only focused  on what we are interested in as impulse. We feed ourselves with information every day without even knowing it. We motivate ourselves with it, and the best thing about it is we encounter new things.


How to obtain images from your videos?

There are several ways you can do it, either you can do it manually or automatically. The manual way to do it is capture every bit of frame from the video, but that would take a lot of time and makes you a robot doing the job repeatedly until you have succeeded. The easy way to do it is get a program that can give you much easier task, there are numerous software programs out there that can do just about anything. A better understanding of some programs may help you crack your way on just any bits of information. Sadly not all of us had taken that specified course, better resort in a more practical approach.

I’m going to use the Fast Video Indexer — video capture software, since I already have this software with me. What we can do about the videos is that we need to set the frames to be capture one by one, and output those images to a separate folder for you to use later. See related articles below for a full tutorial about indexing videos.


Going On,

Look for a flash template, there are several flash tools that have free templates that you could use, practice that, and you are about ready to make the banners. The images captured can then be used photos to be added on your created flash ads and banners. You can even create a slideshow view of your captured images if you have a corresponding video below it.



List of notable software Flash Tools that you could use:

Adobe Flash – The famous among  all, this tool is complete with all the features that you could use for a complete editing and timeline navigation.

Cofeecup Flashfire Starter – With a Friendly GUI and WYSIWYG platforms, you could choose basic flash templates and banners in minutes.

Dreamingsoft – Like Coffecup, but has several tools for certain flash features.

A list of flash developers, you can visit this site for more flash tools.

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  1. Daniel
    October 4, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Try Smart FLV Converter. You can convert FLV to Avi in just a single click, and watch the video anywhere.

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